Deadpool Loves T-Shirts and so do We

The newest superhero cinematic feature is about a crass, self aware, violent, alarmingly funny mercenary. Deadpool has been a staple feature of Marvel comics for years now, but aside from a quick, and out of character, feature in Wolverine: Origins, he'€™s never had his own film. This weekend, Ryan Reynolds brings the Merc with a Mouth to life, and we here at Design by Humans are so excited that we'€™ve brought our own celebration: A featured shirt collection, expanding our ever growing Marvel line.

Deadpool Tacos Deadpool knows what'€™s up, and what'€™s up is tacos. Show your love for the hero and the food with this stylish women's racerback tank top.

Deadpool Pocket Because everyone needs a tiny angry mercenary in their pocket, for all your tiny angry mercenary needs. This cartoon Deadpool resides in a false pocket, ready to fight.

Simple Deadpool Prefer your shirts more simple? This tank has got you covered, with a minimalist strikethrough red and black Deadpool face to show your feelings for the antihero.

Deadpool in Disguise Deadpool might not be a master of disguise, as he never really removes his iconic red and black costume, but he does like to dress up, and this shirt celebrates some of his better disguises.

Deadpool Chimichangas Chimichanga is one of those words that is just inherently funny, and Deadpool knows this. It's become something of a battle cry for the Merc with a Mouth, second only to professing his love of tacos.

Deadpool Fundamentals Massive amounts of weaponry, tacos, and chimichangas. What else could a well rounded mercenary want? More weapons, and more tacos, of course!

Deadpool Wanted Poster Deadpool has some opinions about his own wanted poster, and he wants you to spread the word with this shirt.

So go forth, and be stylin with these Deadpool tees and tanks. And be sure to check out the rest of our Officially Licensed Marvel store. Deadpool is out in theaters Feb 12, and by all appearances it's fun, funny, and well worth seeing. Have you seen it? Do you plan to? What's your favorite Deadpool moment, from the movie or his numerous comic appearances? Let us know in the comments.

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