Goin' (Very) Old School: Prehistoric Designs Collection

Tired of looking like a fossil in that busted old t-shirt? You say it doesn't even have dinosaurs on it? Whaaaaat?!! Good thing we recently hit up our DBH artists for contributions to our Prehistoric Collection guaranteed to help you update your wardrobe in style. We got yer' mammoths, we got yer' dinos, we got everything you need to be the coolest sabre-toothed cat in the cave. So hop in your time machines and prepare for a preponderance of impressive prehistoric apparel, courtesy of all you DBH cave-painters out there!

"Dinosaur Island" by Quickoss Sure it might be smaller and slightly less populated than Isla Nublar, but that doesn't mean that Dinosaur Island isn't just as cool. Chock full of geometric dinos and sweet volcano action, this aerial archipelago comes to us courtesy of French designer Quickoss. Careful T-Rex, that first step is a doozie!

€"KARA T-REX"€ Dino-San joined up with Mr. Miyagi after those jerks from Cobra Kai ruined his Halloween... fby Araceor the last time. This red-belted carnivore from Indonesian designer Arace may be lacking in arm reach, but he makes up for it with powerful leg kicks and murderous rage. Just don't ask him to paint the fence...

"€œBald Mammoth" by Nnusia Finally, an answer to the age-old question: Did mammoths go extinct...or just bald? No judgment here - obviously being hunted by roving bands of Neanderthals might put you through a midlife crisis too! Show your support for Mammoth-pattern baldness with this poignant pachyderm from Poland's own Nnusia. (Red convertible not included).

"The Survival System" by Losfokos In a land stuck between two eras, it's man vs. beast... vs. beast... vs. beast. This gorgeously-detailed design by the U.S.'s own Losfokos shows us exactly how "€œwe had to prove to the beasts of the Earth that we were not to be victimized or forced to live within their gory food chain."€ Grab this fantastic design and buckle down for the epic battle that decides humanity's place in the natural order.

"YOLO" by Weoos02 Dinos know, you gotta' get it while you still can. Seriously guys, you never know when another planet-smashing, species-exctint-ing (is that a real word?) asteroid could cruise our way, so stomp around, roar a bunch, and eat all the leafy greens you can... while you can. This simple and sweet design from Romanian designer Weoos02 reminds us to do just that. YOLO, dinos... YOLO.

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