Design By Humans Goes Shark Week

Watch out, their teeth are sharp; some as sharp as diamonds. Sharks are the predators of the sea. All sharks are carnivorous and often convey a frightening appearance, but not all sharks are enormous, intimidating creatures. Many artists at Design By Humans have created beautiful (or frightening) shark t shirt designs and other sea-dwellers. It'€™s time to get amped, because shark week is coming.

Top 5 Shark T-Shirts

Limited Edition Shark with Pixelated Teeth
- Designed by gloopz
This shark might be more fashionable than intimidating, but that gold tooth looks pretty sharp to me.

Fancy Shark - Designed by jun087
Another fashionable shark! All sharks have gills, some wear color-block grillz. This fancy shark design is more trendy than intimidating, but I wouldn'€™t risk getting too close; that grill looks sharp.

Underwater Business - Designed by fourscore
I can'€™t imagine what sort of business a man could be doing with a couple of vicious sharks in the depths of the ocean, but in this design it seems there'€™s a whole lot of booty involved. Treasure, too.

Shark VS Alligator - Designed by wolfinger
There is an incredible amount of detail woven into the design of this T-shirt, and it flows very well together. A shark versus an alligator; who do you think would win?

Diamonds are a Shark's Best Friend - Designed by niLs285
Shark bite like a diamond, shark bite like a diamond. We'€™re treacherous like villains of the sea.

Blogger's Choice Shark T-Shirt

The Diver (Trapped) - Designed by Fathi-Dhia
At first glance the shark in this T-shirt design might be hard to find '€“ but look closely. The most terrifying view of a shark is through the perspective of a trapped diver'€™s eyes.

Top 5 Sea Creature T-Shirts

The Best of Shark Week: Awesome Photograph

Photos By: Discovery Channel

5 Interesting Shark Facts

  • A shark has the ability to regrow as many as 30,000 teeth in its lifetime.
  • One of the longest living creatures on Earth, the Whale Shark can live up to 150 years.
  • The smallest shark, the Dwarf Shark, measures 4 inches long.
  • Sharks do not chew their food; they swallow it whole.
  • An extinct species, the Megalodon Shark measured up to 67 feet long.

Artist Unknown

Can't Watch Shark Week? Just Watch This. Sharknado!

Do you see that? In the water... It'€™s coming closer! It'€™s time to dig through your closet and pull out your most epic shark Tee. Although I wouldn'€™t suggest wearing the same shark T-shirt all week long, unless you'€™re hoping to have the couch all to yourself. Check out the shark T-shirts on our website, and get psyched; because shark week is coming!

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