DesignByHumans & Lexmod Art Print Giveaway

DBH Artist, pholange, AKA Kevin Lange, is being featured by Lexmod in a combined giveaway between Lexmod and DesignByHumans. Lexmod specializes in Modern and Mid Century Furniture and reached out to DBH in regards to some of the beautiful Art Prints that Kevin Lange has available here on DBH.

You can enter the Lexmod giveaway through 11/10/2015 on their Lexmod Giveaway Page.

For those that want to browse Kevin's work, Lexmod interviewed Kevin about a few of his pieces. Here's what Kevin had to say:

Golden Aspen Trees
Growing up traversing the San Juan mountains of southwestern Colorado in search of adventure, each autumn affords the opportunity to partake of the golden turn of aspen trees that thrive in the region. The simple act of laying quietly and looking up to a canopy of autumn produces an invigorating calm.

Ocean forest mountain desert elements
There was a time when the need to see new places and new expressions of nature in golden sunset light took me far and wide. When I finally began to settle (a little bit) and recollect my many adventures, I wanted to bring all of that experience together in some way. This piece includes a sunset at El Matador Beach, CA, autumnal aspens in CO, alpenglow in the Crestone Range, and sandstone from Arches National Park.

Waterfall tree landscape
Being awed by nature and moved to remark upon it is how my entire creative life began. In this piece, the rumbling, crashing, misty veil of Bridal Veil Falls in Telluride, CO simply demanded to be remarked upon. The ascent to the falls is a steep and rocky stretch of rocky mountain road. Framing the tree within the image aims to create a metaphor for the thriving, contradictory nature of life: This life giving water crashing down was not only a means of survival for the tree, but also a testament to the value of endurance.

Heart of aspen
A simple love letter to the beauty of the autumnal process of aspen trees. This piece used the subtractive method to create the integration of subject and medium, like Golden Aspen Trees. Sometimes the simplest, most basic concepts carry a stronger message than the more sophisticated. I have much respect and gratitude for what the natural world has given me.

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