Brian M. Viveros 'MATADOR' Exhibition Opening

Internationally renowned artist and DBH Collective member, Brian M. Viveros is taking over Thinkspace Gallery in his big return to LA on November 7th '€“ with his highly anticipated solo exhibition MATADOR.

The exhibition will feature all new oil paintings, drawings, exclusive edition prints and a must-see collaborative sculpt by Brian M. Viveros and Pretty In Plastic. There will be a FREE Viveros exhibition poster for all those in attendance, in addition to many other cool pieces of memorabilia and the chance to win one of 24 limited edition DBH tees!

In case you aren'€™t familiar, Viveros'€™ work often features dangerous and mysterious vixens in hand-painted highly-detailed, color-saturated glory. His new set is no different'€¦ Viveros'€™ '€˜Matador'€™ designs are oozing with sensuality, bravery and mystique, so don'€™t miss out on the unveiling of his latest beauties. Brian M. Viveros will be in attendance for the opening to sign autographs and to hang with the best of '€˜em (meaning you).

The event is free and open to the public and guests are encouraged to come dressed as their favorite Viveros character- make sure to wear your freshest rose and dirtiest helmet! To be included on the advance preview list, sign up at under 'contact'.

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Can't make it to the show? That's ok... you can still rock the latest from Viveros via DBH's extensive collection of hand-painted masterpieces:

Bull Fight Her The noble bullfighter relaxes after a hard-fought battle with El Toro del Infierno (The bull from Hell). A few scrapes and cuts, sure... but hey, she obviously still won the day... and our hearts.

Captain Howdy You mess with the bull, you get the horns. Watch out for this malicious military madame, she comes complete with Captain's hat, trademark Viveros smoke, and an utter disregard for your safety and wellbeing.

Viva La Muerte II Whether it's bullfighting, boxing, or Dia de los Muertos (Nov 1-2), Viveros' vivacious vixens are often full of signature Latin style, like this lovely calavera-clad chica. Still smokin' -- still deadly -- still hot.

The sexy doesn't have to stop here. Shop more designs at the DBH Viveros Store:

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