Jedi Mind = Blown... Gear Up For Star Wars: Battlefront

Multiplayer mayhem has just evolved, thanks to the delicious early Halloween treat that Electronic Arts has just bestowed upon us all! If you're worth your light saber at all, you probably spent many, many recent hours playing the new Star Wars Battlefront Beta (which was also just extended - praise Yoda). So, was getting smashed into by a flaming TIE fighter all you thought it would be? Thought so... us too. And how many times did you wrap up that AT-AT's legs? About a million? Yep... us too.

Whether you actually spent your time tangling with those wicked AT-ATs on Hoth or just dreamt about it, chances are you are now just as rabid and fevered as we are for the official release on November 17. In the meantime, you can still get your Force Fix with our latest Officially Licensed Star Wars Battlefront designs, courtesy of true Jedi designers. Hmmm... the Force is strong with these ones...

Oh, and just in case you missed it:

Battlefront Stormtrooper Charge Will you survive the imperial onslaught, or will the last thing your rebel eyes see be the Empire's forces bearing down on you? It's up to you, but we wouldn't go into battle in November without this design under our flight suits. Guaranteed blaster proof'€¦we think.
Battlefront AT-AT Sith Edition So you're saying your T-47 got shot down and you're staring down up snout of the local AT-AT herd? Alliance problems. You're outnumbered by Stormtroopers, only have your sidearm, and you forgot your warm socks? Alliance problems. No worries, you can still get one thing right today, by picking up this design in time for release day. Good luck, young Padawan.
Battlefront Four Square Which kind of pilot are you going to be? Battlefront is going to offer up plenty of opportunities for a variety of epic air battles, and you need to be prepared. Show some love for the heroes of the skies, and the stars, with a design that features the whole ensemble - the T-47, the AT-AT, the TIE fighter and the X-Wing. Choose your weapon and get to fighting!
Battlefront Rebel Alliance Symbol If you're like us, you spent most of your recent time on Hoth being killed like a bunch of womp rats by the Empire's mighty forces. Soooooo many dead womp rats'€¦meh, oh well. Things may seem a bit one-sided now, but we promise if you use this classic, original design to support the Alliance, things may get better for the rebels by launch day.
Star Wars Battlefront Logo It doesn't matter if you plan on smashing stormtrooper skulls as Luke or jackin' up those jank-ass Jedi as Darth himself, you can't go wrong with the fundamentals. Take the fight to Hoth, Endor, Tatooine, and beyond with the official Star Wars Battlefront Logo design. Star Wars'€¦ Battlefront'€¦EA'€¦boom. The End. *mic drop*

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