DTG Quality Showcase

DTG Quality Showcase

Design By Humans has always been proud to offer the highest quality printed t-shirts. When we embarked on the digital printing journey we searched high and low for the best quality tees, did hundreds of test prints on various printers, and did hundreds of wash tests to find the perfect blend of print, vibrancy and efficiency. We can't share all of our secrets, but we can say we print bigger than others, we have a special approach to color technology to get the best vibrancy possible, and we have a very dedicated team making sure all your tees look A+++ quality. Let's blow our own trumpets and show off some products and some never seen before behind the scenes images. Read on you t-shirt loving human's

creative slavery neonbeast

Design By Humans brings you the best quality artwork possible on graphic tees that are soft to the touch. Photo real detailing is no problem for our machines, look at the fine detail in 'Creative Slavery' by artist neonbeast.

What is DTG Printing?

DBH Collective Tees are printed using cutting edge Direct to Garment (DTG) printing technology. Direct to Garment printing is a process of digitally printing onto garments (like T-shirts) using specialized inkjet technology. In other words, imagine sticking a T-shirt into your inkjet printer instead of a ream of paper - similar concept, MUCH better coloring.

The DTG process allows us to print any order, in any quantity, in a range of colors (meaning our artists and customers have more choices!)

The advantages of DTG printing:1. You can print one-off T-shirts one at a time, very quickly

2. You can print these T-shirts on lots of different colors

3. Artists can use an endless amount of colors in their designs

(Screen printing is limited to a max of 12 colors)

4. Photographic images print better and with more depth of color

5. DTG is a very clean process with no screens or set up, just DTG machines

sugar skull dia de los muertos neon tshirt tee

Look at the vibrant colors on this unique tee 'SugarSkull' by artist rcaldwell!

sugar skull dia de los muertos neon tshirt tee

Design By Humans also worked some magic in their headquarters and boosted their printable area from typical A3 Dimensions (16.5" x 11.7") to (18.7" x 14.8"), meaning you get more high-quality art printed across your T-shirt. This is an industry leading advancement that is typical of Design By Humans' approach. We took the standard and made it better.

How does the DTG Printing Process Work?

The DTG printing process at DBH begins when one of our global artists uploads a PNG of their artwork. The PNG is then optimized and stored until someone orders their art on a Tshirt, Phone Case or Art Print (we don't print until your order!).

dtg printing tshirt design tee printing walking on a dream

Fresh off the press! Check out the vibrant colors on 'Walking On A Dream' by artist ArchanN. Each size of our T-shirts (Women's and Men's) uses a different sized palette to make sure you're getting the largest and best print on your T-shirt.

Once the optimized image file is sent to our printers, the printing process begins. DBH uses the best water-based, vibrant inks that are environmentally friendly for each print. When the T-shirt has been printed, the "curing" or drying process is implemented with heat to make the print permanent.

folding machine designbyhumans tshirt tee
tshirt tee quality control machine behind the scenes

The next step is Quality Control, where awesome DBH staff check each and every T-shirt to make sure you're getting the best quality.This is Paco (Pacman to us) checking out your tees and making sure they all look tip top. NOTE: Paco is wearing one of our tees too.

shipping quality control tshirt tee sticker coupon designbyhumans

Once each unique T-shirt is approved they are packaged and shipped to their destination with one of these awesome custom printed bags. We also throw in a sticker and a coupon code because we are generous like that.

stickers coupon shipping fun tshirt tee designbyhumans behind the scenes

DBH Stickers - gotta collect 'em all! There are currently 11 colors available. Which ones do you have?

So whether you are an artist wanting to print a design with a million colors or a customer looking for a truly unique Tshirt, Design By Humans in the place for you. Quality is high on our priority list and pushing the boundaries of digital printing is an innovation that we will tirelessly strive to make even better. Here are some model shots and close ups to show off our products, pretty fancy huh?

robo octopussycat drspazmo tshirt tee model man guy
scooter bear pink tshirt tee womens tee chick model pretty pink
snoop dogg snoop lion snoopy green womens tee graphic tee tshirt model
time and space expo tshirt tee geometric tee model guys tee graphic tee mens tee model
lotus againstbound tshirt tee womens tee girls tee graphic tee model
tattoo girl tshirt tee model girl graphic tee gradient coffee
scarab by evancooleo sun sunshine tshirt tee graphic tee unique tee mens tee cool tees
aztec modern by cbass99 tshirt tee womens tee mens tee graphic tees unique tee

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