DBH Global Artists: Indonesia

DBH Global Artists continues this week with featured artists from the country of Indonesia. Many of these artists are well known in the DBH community and have have won many of our previous "Shirt Of The Day" Contests with their stunning artwork.

Indonesia is located in Asia and has a population of about 237 million people - making it the 4th largest country in the world. This beautiful country is made up of about 17,500 islands, but only 6,000 of these islands are inhabited by people. Because so many different cultures and religions reside on these many islands, Indonesia has become rich in culture, traditions and beliefs (and over 700 languages are spoken here). Indonesia also has the 2nd highest number of endemic species, meaning these plants and animals are found nowhere else in the world. These animals include the Sumatran Tiger and the Komodo Dragon, to name a few.

indonesia island pretty indonesia scenery

indonesia volcano indonesia sumatran tiger


Artist fathi_dhia is a freelance illustrator and designer with 4 previous SOTD wins. His Collective features unique nature-inspired designs and cool characters with a cartoon twist! As you can see from these selected designs, fathi_dhia also shows off his extensive skill set and expertise from watercolor effects and neon vectors to hand-drawn illustrations. His unique designs usually include a mashup of themes that make for some funny pieces from skulls and paint splatters to astronauts and zombies.

eternity fathi dhia skull neon geometric tee

Eternity by fathi_dhia

More designs by fathi_dhia

owl watercolor tshirt tee cartoon cookie monster sesame street funny parody tee tshirt bear illustration funny sweater tshirt tee coffee bear


Artist rejagulu is also a seasoned DBH artist with 7 previous SOTD wins. His Collective artwork largely incorporates cultural Japanese themes and global issues that make bold statements through design. His creations are an amazing mix of hand-drawn illustrations and digital art that flow well together. It's easy to see that artist Rejagalu is also not afraid of color! His use of bright, bold coloring makes for some eye-popping designs.

samurai music guitar moon japan tshirt tee

Rhthym Of The Rising Sun by rejagalu

More designs by rejagalu

yin yang koi fish watercolor paint tshirt tee girl woman native american headdress tattoo tiger tshirt tee guardian paint watercolor wolf rejagalu


Artist Barmalizer aka barmalisRTB has an extremely unique collective filled with intricate designs that sometimes reflect dark themes. With 6 previous SOTD wins, this designer knows when to go bold and when to hold back. His designs feature painted effects, detailed vectors and simple graphics along with a strong color palette. His expansive portfolio displays a large mix of themes and ideas from pin up girls and snarling animals to samurai and skeletons. Simply put, there's always a new, unique piece of art to be seen in this collective!

axe girl tattoo firefighter woman girl model tshirt tee

Axe Girl by barmalizer

More designs by barmalizer

native american indian minimalistic tee tshirt neon tiger fierce growl tshirt tee spray paint poseidon barmalizer


Artist Radiomode is a force to be reckoned with! With 17 previous SOTD wins, radiomode has proven his worth in the DBH t-shirt design realm. Similar to artist barmalizer, radiomode's Collective features artwork with a ton of unique themes and ideas, but mostly focuses on surreal dreams and minimalism. There are many statement pieces that comment on culture and nature, as well as kooky characters, surrealistic worlds and bold colors.

ppp camera big brother radiomode

(PPP) Perversion Of Paranoid Populace by radiomode

More designs by radiomode

color land of nowhere desert camel radiomode shirt tee fox watercolor paint drip tshirt tee cartoon character funny speech bubble radiomode tshirt tee


Artist Carbine has been around DBH since 2011 and has secured 6 previous SOTD wins. His Collective shows off his amazing drawing skills, with over 25 unique illustrated pieces that are full of mystery. His designs feature a range of dark themes and uplifting, happy characters that are created with a mix of vectors, illustrations and bright colors. Many of his pieces also comment on social issues like government, war and the environment.

carbine no more tear gas rainbow apocalypse tshirt tee

No More Tear Gas by Carbine

More designs by Carbine

graffiti uncle sam propgranda parody tshirt tee world cartoon character panda cute adorable tshirt tee skeleton skull geometric flowers rose geometric tshirt tee


Artist and typography enthusiast Twicolabs is new to the DBH community, but his Collective is growing fast! He's just filled it with over 15 new illustrated and typographic pieces. Most of these designs incorporate uplifting statements with beautifully designed type work. His intricate pieces of art feature many ways that type can be manipulated with program tools to create bevels, gradients and more.

typography type coffee black and white bw

Life Begins by twicolabs

More designs by twicolabs

gradient success type typography tshirt tee life is good twicolabs black red bw black and white tshirt tee type typography tshirt tee
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