End of the World Apocalypse Shirts

If you'€™re reading this then you are a survivor. It'€™s 12 '€“ 21 '€“ 12, one - a cool pattern on numbers, two - the first day of winter solstice, three - your still alive, and you'€™ve survived another apocalypse. The Mayan calendar has struck its end of time. Really, any of the apocalypse or raptures have been fun to follow. Will Jesus return? Will volcano'€™s erupt all over the place? Will zombie'€™s take over the world?

apocalypse shirtWell, the stories will continue from apocalypse and prophecy. With great stories come great t shirt themes. We have saw a huge trend with zombie apocalypse shirts this year, along with nuclear, and polluting the earth shirts. With the popularity of the Walking Dead, and dooms day video games granted a ton of legendry apocalyptic shirt designs.

Even the trends around the internet like rapture photo shoots of bodiless cloths, tons of zombie t shirts, and even NASA got into the mix about the truth behind the Mayan Apocalypse.

But someday you will need a survival plan to avoid attacks, natural disasters, tough economic times, long camping trips, bad hair days, etc. The fact of being somewhat prepared for these situation could possibly save your life.

Well we didn'€™t get hit by a giant meter, or I personally didn'€™t get eaten by a zombie, though vampires have attacked my neck, the sun didn'€™t explode, planets didn'€™t collide, and the economy is still somewhat intact. Yet all this buzz did led to some great apocalyptic shirts. Check out the DBH survivors and collection of this years best apocalypse shirts. There are plenty of zombie'€™s, the zombie hunters, desolate earth shirts, and apocalypse shirts.

DBH Staff Picks The Best T Shirts of 2012

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