DBH Staff Picks The Best T Shirts of 2012

The best shirts of 2012 include a variety of fun, interesting and awesome t shirt concepts. Here is a list of the top shirts of the year from Design By Humans. This is a staff collaboration of our favorite shirts. As you can see we have a diverse group of opinions here at DBH, so this is essentially the best of the best of any and all categories for 2012.

There has been a lot of development on the site this year, stylish photoshoots, the new Tee Grinder, the Collective and new site features. Not to mention all the great new contest winners. This list comes from our customer service experts, developers and designers of our favorite shirts of 2012.

Best Shirts of 2012

Best shirt of the year goes to Zombie Frenzy. This shirt hit the zombie trend hard, with a super graphic, in your face zombie attack.

Best Zombie T Shirt

Cthulhu Rises from the depths of the sea in an electrifying orange illustration. The waves crash, the boat smashes, as Cthulhu controls the seas.

Favorite Cthulhu Shirt

3 wise Monkeys is a top favorite for the clever concept from a traditional quotes. Hear No Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil. These graphic monkeys are full of expression illustrated in a comical style.

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil Shirt

Sky Adventure is full of hot air balloons and funny characters cruising over an old city. The heather light blue with a grey illustration made a great comical all over print.

Best Creative T Shirt

This symbolic face of half sun and half moon is an amazing fine line illustration. The swirling rays of the sun, mix with the cool mood of the moon.

Best Sun T Shirt

The desolate winter night is a dramatic and calming tee. The reflection of the street to the light snow make this shirt have powerful textures and unique composition.

Alone Again Shirt

The Pizza Kraken divulges into a huge slice of pizza. What'€™s crackin for dinner? Pizza. Nom Nom Nom.

Best Pizza T Shirt

Catsronauts is a witty anamorphic shirt with adventurous cats striving for the laser all the way to outer space.

Best Cat in Space T Shirt

Cool and Wild is the extreme kitty rocking his face off. This is one of the coolest cats, that know how to rock the music like a retro superstar. 9 lives, meow.

Coolest cat t shirt

The power of the bull, and the power of the red, with style of the active illustration style makes this shirt an office favorite.

Best Bull T Shirt

A pink kola bear replaces King Kong as it hugs a giant skyscraper. Biplanes can'€™t take this beautiful monster down, in one of DBH'€™s funniest tees.

Best Koala Shirt

A chopped up 1936 newspaper comic adds a little mysterious class to this years collection of favorite graphic tees. A vintage touch on a smoky room is a nostalgic comic look style.

Best Vintage Comic  Shirt

Thanks for checking out our favorites. You can continue posting to the list with your favorite DBH prints of 2012.

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