Top 12 T Shirts of 2012

What does it take to be a top seller? Sure wit, excellent illustration, and a trend setting design make the best shirts. This year top sellers are the most eye catching t shirts you will find online. These are graphic tees represent and imaginative world from hip to shoulder. The creative concepts in these shirts were design leaders in being the best for their trends. These are the best shirts for a variety of subjects, like boldest shirt, best zombie, coolest shirt, innovative music shirts and overall creative design ideas.  Let'€™s give it up for this years top sellers.

Best Selling T Shirts of 2012

The Number 1 seller this year goes to Black Bear with his fuzzy looks, cool shades, and tilted hat. This was a unique character that caught this seasons fun homie trend.

Top Trendy Shirt of 2012

Top Graphic Tee Shirt of 2012

Stand Alone is a winters night walk in a positive and negative illustration to make a peaceful walk down the cold streets.

Alone Again

The dominant beast of Sasquatch takes over the graphic tee market with a bright, bold and action packed look.

Sasquatsh Frenzy

The third in a series of 3 from Mr. Nicolo is the crazed zombie attack. The intensity and blood scream from miles away.

Zombie Frenzy

The winner of the 8 bit contest goes to Pixel Overload. The retro analog tv pours out the pixels of a digital world.

Pixel Overload 8 bit

The graphic equalizer in the Northern lights make the beat go boom in this popular color harmony.

Enjoy the Aurora

A geometric wonder covers the entire shirt. A triangle pattern with a distress look make a surprise trend on this years top 12.

Angular Distress

This penguin chills like the antarctic with his head phones.

Penguin with Headphones

A dramatic gas mask reflecting a nuclear explosion make the list for one of the best apocalyptic shirts of the year.

Last Goodbye

A highly detail samurai marches in the sun. A great black and white illustration of a skull solider in a samurai suit.

Samurai Warrior

Virtual Reality is an iconic digital robot. The processors and wires show the brain of artificial intelligence.

Virtual Reality

Marsupial Madness is a pink koala bear hugging a skyscraper in one of DBH's funniest tees of 2012.

Marsupial Madness

That makes the list of the top sellers. Its hard to predict the top sellers of the year. There were some surprises, even to us. For the most part our top selling shirts we creative characters, and witty mash up designs. We look forward to exploring the new trends of 2013 with another batch of creative art shirts.

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