Evil Geniuses Win Big at TI5

They did it! Evil Geniuses won TI5! They'€™re the first American team to win it, taking home a record-setting $6.6m prize. They had to take down CDEC, who had previously knocked them down into the the loser'€™s bracket, in order to claim the grand prize.

If you'€™re one of the millions who streamed the finals, there'€™s a good chance that you were rooting for EG. If you were rooting for EG, then there'€™s an even better chance that you'€™d be interested to learn that we'€™ve got all your official Evil Geniuses apparel over at the Evil Geniuses Shop at DBH! And if you give a mouse a cookie'€¦

The JABBA T-Shirt is a popular choice here at DBH HQ, but head over to the Evil Geniuses Shop to take a look at our other offerings for yourself. We'€™ve got tons of awesome EG graphic tees, hoodies and phone cases, and... Spoiler Alert: We'll be releasing some special edition TI5 commemorative gear very soon! (More info to come.)

Congrats to Evil Geniuses on their TI5 win!

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