The Friday Blog: Friendless Edition

Hey guys. I'€™m lonely. That'€™s why I'€™m so happy this YouTube playlist exists:

Anyways, let'€™s recap the past couple of weeks! (I'€™m crying inside'€¦)

TI5 is happening N-O-W, and the championships are tomorrow! Our guys EG are still in it, but they'€™ll have to take down Vici Gaming to get back into the finals. CDEC is currently at the top, but you probably already knew that. Check out the DOTA Championships bracket for more.

The Deadpool Red Band trailer was released earlier this week. I mention this for no other reason than to explain the collective gasp you probably heard from around the globe. It looks good. Real-real good.

And finally, we announced the official DC Comics Shop at DBH! Go there! Now! I mean it! You'€™ll find all your DC Comics apparel needs, like Batman, Superman and Justice League T-Shirts, hoodies and more! One last sentence so I can throw out another exclamation point! (We'€™re not excited about this at all.)

Have a weekend, humans!

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