Deadpool Trailer Released, Heads Explode

Let me get this straight: A man on his deathbed receives accelerated healing powers and adopts a new alter ego that'€™s every bit as sarcastic and twisted and hilarious as he is badass, then he goes and hunts down a dude who nearly destroyed his life? Sounds like Deadpool is a Marvel superhero (errr, anti-hero) I can really get behind.

Check out the brand new slightly NSFW (language) Deadpool Red Band trailer featuring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, and a healthy dose of DMX tunes below:

Since we'€™re on the topic of Marvel Comics, now'€™s probably a good time to mention the Marvel Shop at DBH. No big deal or anything, but we've been updating the shop with awesome new designs, like, a lot. Check out rad new Marvel graphic tees featuring Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Thor, Daredevil and more!

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