DC Comics Shop Now Open at DBH

DC Comics needs no introduction. They'€™re responsible for some of our favorite superheroes, and the villains we love to hate.

Batman. Superman. Wonder Woman. The Flash. Justice League. The Joker. Ever heard of them? (Don'€™t answer '€” that was a rhetorical question.)

At some point, you probably found yourself asking, '€œWhy can'€™t I find rad DC Comics T-Shirts at DBH?!'€ This question was likely followed by a flood of tears, or perhaps a bout of uncontrollable rage, or maybe you chose instead to eat the pain away.

We won'€™t judge. We'€™ve been binge-eating away the sad ourselves. Cupcakes. Tacos. Cupcake tacos. Cupcake tacos with a dusting of Cheetos cheese. Things have been weird here.

ANYWAYS. Guess what? Your suffering can finally come to an end! DBH is beyond excited to announce the DC Comics Shop, where you can find officially licensed DC Comics apparel featuring the likes of Batman, Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and so many more of your favorite DC Comics superheroes.

Myself? I'm a Batman...man. I'€™m gonna be adding one or all of the Batman tees to my collection, starting with this one:

Bandana Bat Signal, because you can't beat the classic Batman logo.

DBH recently welcomed a new employee, Alisa. As part of her gang initiation (err, I mean onboarding process), I'€™m making her pick some DC Comics tees for the dudes in her life. Check out her picks below:

Superman Purple Splatter for my boyfriend because I like it, so he has to like it too.Green Lantern Corps for my brother because he used to collect Green Lantern comic books.Red Lantern's Rage for my step-dad because he's a Green Lantern fan as well.

Head over to the DC Comics Shop at DBH today to find your new superstyle!

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