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We don'€™t often take time to reflect on current events here on the DBH blog, so I figured now'€™s the time to do it. Let'€™s get right to it. Here are the top stories of the moment: Drake and Meek Mill Beef (Sorta) ExplainedINTERNET '€” It'€™s undeniable: Drake is huge right now. It'€™s also undeniable: I'€™ve never heard of Meek Mill. It'€™s also undeniable: I don'€™t listen to Drake or Meek Mill. But they'€™re beefing, and let's be honest: There'€™s nothing better than a good hip-hop beef. Here'€™s the run-down, as explained to me by our in-house artist, David:

Drake guested on a Meek Mill song, but refused to promote it on his social accounts.

Meek Mill claims, via Twitter, that the reason was because Drake doesn'€™t write his own rhymes.

Drake releases pretty lame diss track, '€œCharged Up.'€ Meek Mill calls it, '€œbaby lotion soft.'€

Drake releases another diss track, '€œBack To Back,'€ this time getting a ton of attention on the internetz.

Meek Mill releases a response diss track called, '€œWanna Know,'€ that is apparently super weak.

Nicki Minaj just hangs out, watching two dudes beef over her.

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Nicki Minaj, anyone? Yobann brings us Nicki Minion.DinoMike gives us the most dangerous (w)rap battle of all.

Edward Scissorhands the Sloth is Cute (No, Like Really Cute)LONDON '€” Edward Scissorhands, London Zoo'€™s new two-toed sloth is now seven weeks old, and is drawing more '€œawwwwws'€ than all the members of One Direction combined. Zookeeper Kelly has been raising Edward in place of his real mother with the help of a life-sized sloth stuffed animal and goat'€™s milk.

Too much cuteness? Head over to DBH to find some more awesome sloth T-Shirts to add to your collection. Can'€™t guarantee you'€™ll be as adorable as a baby sloth though. Sorry :/

Speed is Relative, at least according to MusarterD3!

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