Evil is Coming to Console

'€œToday, the war over Sanctuary claims a legion of new souls'€

Today, September 3rd, Blizzard has announced the release of Diablo III, the latest chapter in the action-RPG Diablo series, for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. The release is currently available in North America, Latin America, Europe, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

According to Blizzard Entertainment, '€œthe console versions of the game have been custom-tailored for gamepad-driven action.'€ It exhibits brand new features allowing the game to be compatible with controllers. I know we'€™ve all gotten pretty used to playing on those desktop keyboards; adapted muscle memory, click-clicking those keys without needing to think about it. With the way they have altered the game for each console, the transition from keyboard to controller will be accomplished with ease. The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Diablo III are unique in their new dynamic camera perspectives, putting their character front and center.

Diablo III for Playstation 3 is available in stores as well as through the Playstation Network. The Xbox 360 Version is also available in stores, and will be available through Xbox LIVE started October 4th.

Demonstration and Information on Diablo III for Xbox 360

'€œIn bringing Diablo III to consoles, our main focus has been on making sure we deliver a really fun experience for up to four friends online or on the same couch,'€ said Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime.'€œThe game looks and plays great on PS3'„¢ and Xbox 360, especially with the new direct-control elements and new interface. We know players will have a blast battling Diablo on their big-screen TVs.'€

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