Social Media Quest: Tell Us Why!

There are many ways to win prizes in the Diablo III Contest. Want to be challenged beyond the official T-shirt design contest? Throughout the length of the Diablo III contest there will be four social media quests utilizing many social media outlets and challenging your creativity. Challenges will begin on Mondays with five days to submit your best entries, and winners will be chosen on Fridays. So grab those smartphones, you'€™ve still got a chance to win free gear with weekly Social Media Quest!

Quest #2: Twitter '€“ Tell Us Why
September 2, 2013 '€“ September 6, 2013

Who is your favorite character in Diablo III? Select one character from the three character classes (Heroes, Demons and Angels) then use the hashtag #D3Fave on Twitter and tell us why they are your favorite character! The most creative answer will be announced on September 6th and will win an awesome prize.

'€œMy fav #D3 character is _____________ because ______________ '€ #D3Fave

Winner will receive a $25 gift card to Design By Humans.


My favorite #D3 character is the Witch Doctor because he can summon Zombies. Come on, how do you defeat something that'€™s already dead? #D3Fave

My favorite #D3 character is the Barbarian.. because of his epic beard #D3Fave

My Favorite #D3 character is the female Barbarian because she is a powerful female figure #D3Face

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