Finding Inspiration

Trends are constantly changing. If you have ever taken a look at our Top 50 Page you've probably noticed the shirts changing all the time. Some of them stay for a while but they are always moving around. As new designs come in that are on trend or popular, they take over spots on the top lists. Sometimes it's not easy to know what's popular when you are working. We have our trend predictions that we post every year but there is not exact science to picking what is going to sell. There are a lot of skilled artists out there, but it's not all skill, sometimes you just need the right inspiration to let the ideas start flowing. We posted a blog a while back with some good t-shirt design sites and here are some additions to the list that might help with the inspiration process of finding a place to start: Typeverything is a blog run to show all they typography out there. Everything from hand type to digital art type, tattoos and more. If you are in need to some typography inspiration then this is the place for you.

FromUpNorth has some great art and design. Categories make for easy navigation and you can look at galleries curated for illustration, typography, digital art and clothing.

Creative Market is a great place to find inspiration and recourse. Fonts, textures, brushes and so much more all created by other artist for the purpose of sharing and creating.

Abduzeedo is more for the designers, but it is still a great resource for some amazing inspiration and tutorials.

Designspiration is a more design based inspiration site but they have some out of the box stuff that could really inspire. They also let you search using text or colors.

Blood Sweat Vector has some great inspiration for those of you who love doing vector work.

Below are some designs picked from our top selling shirts, and trending new shirts including great cat t-shirts, skull t-shirts, space t-shirts, and more.

[A little side note] There is a difference between finding inspiration and just stealing someone's work. It's perfectly fine to practice styles that inspire you, but when it comes to publicly publishing or selling your artwork, it needs to be your original concept and style. Let other inspire, but make it your own.

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