Look up at the Sky Day

Remember as a kid, when you could just lay on the grass and imagine what you could see in the clouds? How often do you take a minute to look up now? Well, today is the day! Go ahead and look up at the sky, clouds, birds, buildings, and the trees hanging over you. This is a day for everyone to take a minute and enjoy life and your surroundings. Take a break from work or whatever it is you're doing and look up!

Cloud Wars by messing
These are such happy clouds, one with his sun mace, the other with a lightning sword, and the last with a rainbow bow. When these guys fight you'll know, cloud wars are no joke. These clouds would look great on a t-shirt, hoodie, or tank top.

Moon Climbing by lostomatos
Looking up just doesn't have to be during the day. The night is just as full of beauty and peace, stars and planets, and so much more we can't see. These people are getting the best view they can on the top of the moon.

Electric Music City by expo
So much is going on in this design with the sky, birds, telephone lines, and music notes. Busy and beautiful, perfect for a couple minutes of relaxation.

Dream Cream by bandy
Let's all lay in the grass and watch the clouds go by. We can see who sees what in the clouds. That one is a cat, that one is a dragon, and this one is an ice cream cone with the sun on top, and look, the plane is about to go right through it.

I Want My Blue Sky by radiomode
A surreal illustration of a gentleman walking through the city looking for the perfect blue sky. Birds fly and in the distance trees grow upwards. This cool symbolic piece has a lot of hidden details and symbols. A perfect design for a t-shirt, phone case or art print.

Sky Adventure by Aphte
Let your imagination go on an adventure! Sky Adventure is a cartoon style design in black & white, of people from a little town heading out on hot air balloon ships ready for an adventure!

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