Win Wotto's Art: Skelanimals Original Sketch Giveaway

Make no bones about it...Wotto wins when it comes to Skelanimals designs!

Now you can win too - without drawing a thing! Just enter DBH's giveaway to win free Skelanimals Tees, PLUS a signed, original sketch from Wotto's prize-winning "Jack A Doodle".

We recently threw down the gauntlet and asked our artists to flesh out their best Skelanimals-inspired designs as part of DBH's Official Skelanimals Design Contest.

DBH offered over $1200 in cash and prizes for designs featuring the Skelanimals crew of creepy-cute characters, and man did the artists pull through!

Out of about a zillion designs submitted, last month the voters from DBH and the Skelanimals team decided that "Diego the Dead", by Wotto, was the winner, and therefore is to be crowned king of all the light touches.

Ok, so he got $500 bucks...but that's not bad either, right?

Oh by the way, here's Wotto's winning design in final production form, featuring that bouncy, bubbly bat-buddy of barbed wire bliss.

Winning Design by Wotto

Known to the rest of the world as Craig Watkins, the man that DBH'ers know as "Wotto" was born in the U.K. but now cranks out fantastic art from his studio in California. His amazing original characters inhabit colorful and crowded worlds full of monsters, weirdoes and other baddies, which is probably why he was right at home bringing Diego the Bat to life (or death).

Unlike many other artists who work exclusively in digital media, Wotto takes it to the next level with designs that are painstakingly detailed in a process all his own:

"My process nearly always begins with a sketch, doodle or digital Cintiq scribble. My winning design 'Diego the Dead' was drawn directly into Photoshop using my Cintiq tablet. My runner up design 'Jack a Doodle' was drawn by hand and then scanned and reworked in Illustrator. The piece is a one of a kind hand-drawn Wotto piece, exclusive to this giveaway! It's full of doodled details and patterns and I hope it finds a good home. Good luck to all who enter." - Wotto

From the art snobs to the most casual observer, anyone can see Wotto has multimedia talent, patience and skills because they are clear in every design he makes.

Guess what? Now you can own a little piece for yourself...

For our next trick, we're going to pull an undead rabbit out of our proverbial hats and send one lucky winner the original sketch for "Jack A Doodle", autographed by Wotto himself.

This awesome chunk of DBH history is approximately 8.5" x 11" and comes in a nifty frame that would look great next to that cat poster of yours.

A one-of-a-kind original, this prize-winning piece of artwork features strong line-work and beautiful patterning handmade by the man himself. The Grand Prize Winner will also receive a "Diego the Dead" t-shirt, plus their choice of another awesome Skelanimals tee.

Hang it on your wall, use it for inspiration, give it to your favorite Skele-fan... either way, Wotto says you gotta' enter to win!

Wotto Skelanimals Giveaway

...And guess what else? 2nd and 3rd prizewinners will receive their choice of Skelanimals Tees from our Skelanimals Store.

Oh yeah, it's a thing alright, because when you just can't get enough Skelanimals... DBH has you covered. Our closets are literally full of skeletons (we mean these cuddly creatures, of course), so help us clear some out. Check out even more awesome boney designs at the official DBH Skelanimals Store.

From the store:

For more DBH designs by top designer Wotto, click HERE. To check out more of Wotto's world, including inspired and original artworks, you can visit him at

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