Help Oklahoma with the New Give Back Store

Our hearts go out to those affected by the destructive tornado in Oklahoma last week.  Regardless of location, it’s also a day to remember our fellow humans throughout the world.   As the days pass we can unite as humans to show our support for those in need and to help them gather the strength to heal and rebuild.

With the help of artists throughout the world, Design By Humans has created a DBH Collective store to support the Oklahoma recovery effort. 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of each shirt will be donated to the American Red Cross. All the profit from the the new IAM Humans store with be donated to the American Red Cross for disater relieve.

Giving Back with the American Red Cross

You will find tees from the worlds best artists like Hydro74, Qetza, and Kdeuce who have donated their time, skill and artwork in an effort to strengthen humanity and inspire life through creativity and design.

We'€™d like to sincerely thank each artist for taking the time out of their busy day to give back.

Ok by Kduece

Kdeuce has a painter style that we all recognize. Since joining Design By Humans he has amassed a great selection of winning designs. He also isn't shy when it comes to giving back. His piece 'OK' literally took our breath away when we opened the file. Beautiful paint lines and a message so well portrayed through art. Hope and a sense of everything being OK collide to make a simple yet amazing tee.

Ok Oklahoma Shirt

Flag by Qetza

Qetza has been a part of Design By Humans since 2009 and has consistently delivered detailed illustrations that always please our community. His eye for detail and his love of Native American art made him the perfect partner for this project. Depicting the Oklahoma State flag in a new style, Qetza really delivered with his vintage cool art in 'Flag'. Detailed, fresh and vintage in style this tee supports and looks cool all at once.

Qetza Flag Giveback

Rebuild Strong by Hydro74

Hydro74 has an impressive portfolio filled with clients that you would recognize. This cool artist isn't too big to lend a hand and donate a piece of art to support a cause though. When we asked him to help we barely finished our sentence and he had started drawing. Hydro delivered with his awesome line art for 'Rebuild Strong'.  His art depicts the strength of the Buffalo and a message to rebuild.

Hydro74 Buffalo

Here is a storm chaser following the last Oklahoma twister on May 20th, 2013.

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