Style Guide for Graphic Tees and Sunglasses

It'€™s heating for summer, soooo its definitely time for a comfy shirt, sunglasses, maybe sandals and shorts. There are lots of different styles to choose from, this blog series will be a style guide for looking the best with your Design By Humans tees. Here are some good tips to mix and match your sunglasses with your new DBH tees. There can be some good strategies to matching up the right shades and shirts.

Style Guide for Shades and Graphic Tees

The aviators are a dominate pilot style with the browns, bronze, with a little metallic touch. Aviators match well with modern styles that are clean and adventurous. This combo will keep you and your wing man flying high.

The all knowing shirt hydro74

The retro sunglasses made a huge come back the last couple of years. These are the hipster, artist, or young designer style. The retro shades and unique tees is a great for a personable student.

Skullatpus shirt

This collection is complete with the neon style for the next concert or black light party. One of our great neon tees with some neon shades is a sure way to add some glow to your life.

Neon Skulls Tees

The old sport aviators from the 80s are probably not your favorite glasses, but its always good to change it up every once in a while. The sparkling orange goes good with any bright tee. Check out the sun reflecting these bad boys.

The old leopard print glasses are a classic to pull out for those days on the prowl. Step one cougar sunglasses, step 2 neon lion shirt, step 3 equals jazzy liougar style.

Hope you like our first style giude. If you're doing something innovative or trendy, post some pics to our wall or comment below.

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