Home Sweet Home: Hug the Earth by Planting a Tree

Home Sweet Home: Hug the Earth by Planting a Tree

We are lucky enough to live on the beautiful planet, Earth. You just know that those Martians and Jupiterians (is that a thing?) are feeling pretty envious right about now. While we’re enjoying uniquely earthly pleasures like adorable sloths, sandy beaches, or delicious food (you can literally pick it off a tree!), they’re stuck living on a dusty red planet or freezing their butts off on Jupiter. Earth for the win!


In honor of Earth Day, Design By Humans is partnering with the non-profit, One Tree Planted, to help plant trees across the globe. One Tree Planted’s mission – started in 2014 – aims to “create a world full of trees” by working with reforestation organizations to plant trees in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa.


Trees clean the air we breathe, house endless biodiversity, and provide us with unimaginable beauty. The more than 60,000 tree species on earth – the oldest proudly boasting almost 5000 years – afford us immeasurable benefits. DBH and One Tree Planted hope to encourage deforestation awareness and sustainability efforts with the “Buy a Tee, Plant a Tree” campaign.

Design By Humans pledges that for every item purchased in the month of April – from the DBH Eco Collection – it will donate funds to One Tree Planted. One dollar = one tree.

Every design from the Eco Collection, from wildlife to floral designs, is a unique reflection of the beauty around us and a reminder of how amazing the Earth really is. We have the best planet in the solar system and here are 5 reasons why:

1) We’ve Got Sloths:

The Earth’s biodiversity is endless; 60,000 tree species, 10 million animal species, and 600,000 species of fungi alone. There’s no question that we’re the life of the solar system. Literally. There may be aliens hanging out somewhere in the galaxy…but Earth is the only planet we know of that supports life. And, boy, do we have the coolest life there is. I mean, have you seen sloths? They literally grow moss on their backs. How cool is that?

2) Oh My God, Look at Her Angles:

The Earth is angled perfectly on its axis. If it were positioned even a tiny bit differently, the temperature would change so drastically that we would be packing our bags in search of a new – less awesome – home right now.

3) Water, Water, Everywhere:

Earth is the only planet that we know of that has liquid water in an amount that can support life. Plus, the Earth’s oceans cover 70% of the planet’s surface, so that’s pretty cool. I don’t think any of the other planets, like Pluto, can say that! Wait..is Pluto even still a planet?

4) Explorer’s Paradise:

Large stretches of rainforest and 95% of the Earth’s oceans have yet to be explored; there are millions of species waiting to be discovered. The unimaginable could be hidden in every rainforest cave or every creepy ocean crevice; who knows what sort of weird deep-sea fish is just dying to meet us.



5) Magnetic Personality:

The Earth is a little unstable…but in a good way! The turbulent iron core is constantly rotating; it creates a magnetic field to protect the Earth from radiation, solar winds, and cosmic rays. We knew the Earth had a special kind of magnetism to it and know we know why!

DBH and its community of artists are continually inspired by the natural beauty around them. Every artist is indebted to the vivid colors, exotic wildlife, and breathtaking landscapes found on our planet. Mother Earth is always there for us, so let’s be there for her. Check out the Eco Collection and help plant a tree with One Tree Planet today!


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Featured Artist: Carbine

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