You Da Woman: Women’s History Month

You Da Woman: Women’s History Month

This March, in honor of Women’s History Month, Design By Humans’ is highlighting the contribution of women artists with a special “No Man’s Land” Collection. Fifty female artists share their favorite two designs and – together – create a collection that perfectly illustrates the talent, the humor, and the unique insight of the DBH female artists.

1) JussilaDesigns

Kristen Jussila loves creating “clean and minimal” graphics that are inspired by her study of industrial design and sustainability. Her sleek style offers reflections of nature, geometric designs, and abstract visions.

2) Sophie Corrigan

The U.K. artist, Sophie Corrigan, makes art that adds the perfect amount of cheer, humor, and brightness to your day. The adorable graphics paired with hilarious puns are the equivalent of getting hugged by a kitten, a puppy, or some equally adorable animal.

3) ECMazur

ECMazur’s beautifully-detailed ballpoint illustrations are a glimpse into the remarkable precision of nature, as well as, a vision into magical surrealism. Her designs capture a moment so precisely that it feels as if you are seeing her visions through a magnifying glass.

4) Kodamorkovkart

Valeriya Korenkova’s artistic vision is strengthened by her love of nature; she tells us, “twice a week I go out into the mountains” because it is in nature that she finds her greatest creative outlet. Her delicate grayscale graphics – with a vibrant pop of color – invite you to explore a dream world with her.

5) Laura Graves

Laura Graves’ art is perfectly encapsulated by her delightful “Sneaky Cat” design. A curious cat – with that perfect cat-like expression – tilts its head to the side and stares quizzically at you; the more you look at it, the more delighted you are. Each design leaves you with the same sense of curiosity and an eagerness to explore more with the artist.

6) InkedinRed

Erin Clark, or InkedinRed, travels the world and records her experiences with art. Her travels — like a safari across the Serengeti, or a trip through Nepal — are perfectly captured by her unique and exciting designs that are a mix of classic black, white, and soft watercolor designs.

7) Strijkdesign

Sylvia Strijk creates beautifully imaginative designs with soft, round edges for a compelling style that she describes as a distinctly “feminine” art. Her art captures elements of the fantastical and transports you to another world.

8) BirdBlack

BirdBlack admits she loves “creating illustrations that juxtapose between the light and the dark”; she creates exquisitely crafted designs with celestial themes, homages to her namesake, and new hidden details every time you look.

9) Sohnyahh

Sohnyahh describes her art as “organized chaos” that allows her to channel her emotions and the disorder around her into something more organized, clear, and understandable. Her sleek black and white designs have an eerie other-worldly quality that leave you hoping to know more.

10) Kimvervuurt

Kim Vervuurt, from the Netherlands, creates art that makes you feel like you are getting a well-deserved break after a long day – put your feet up, enjoy a cup of tea, and remember to smile. Adorable food designs – with perfect contented smiles – remind you that you can tackle every curveball life throws.

Women continue to add to the rich tapestry of art, science, literature, politics, and – so much – more every day. Take a moment to celebrate the passionate, ground-breaking, and inspiring contributions of women during this month – Women’s History Month – and every month after. Check out the No Man’s Land Collection and find a design by one of your favorite DBH artists today!

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