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It'€™s that time of year again. The mid summer heat is reaching record-breaking highs and everyone is getting ready for their Independence Day celebrations. At Design By Hümans, we'€™d like to celebrate with you with an amazing deal on T Shirts. The Independence Day T Shirt promotion is one of our biggest sales of the year! From July 3rd through the 9th, for every two tees purchased you will receive an additional tee FREE!

Enjoy Our Buy Two, Get One free Sale for this 4th of July weekend!

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The Design By Hümans collective now has nearly 1,500 T Shirts to choose from, from Funny to Geeky, Retro to Abstract, and Zombies to Freaky Monsters. Whatever design causes sparks to fly for you, we'€™ve got it. We have many T Shirts and Tanks that would make a perfect addition to your July 4th outfit.

Which of these awesome tees would you rock at your Independence Day bash?

Red, White, and Blue Themed Tees

Nocturnal American
The name in itself renders this tee a perfect addition to your 4th of July apparel. There are 37 owl species native to the United States, and this one is particularly special. Designed by Swirvington, it'€™s reds and blues are perfect for your July 4th celebration.

Along the United States coastline there are many beautiful places to surf. This abstract tee design combines the blue waves with the red sunset, and printed on a white tee would make for a fantastic July 4th tee.

The Happy Adventurer
Independence is all about the freedom to be who we want to be and go where we want to go. This panda is all dressed up and ready for an adventure, and printed on a blue tee, this shirt would make an excellent addition to any July 4th outfit.

Black Rose
This incredibly realistic design was made by FZDAkurt, and recently won Shirt of the Day. Though it doesn't contain much red, this shirt will definitely stand out at your July 4th celebration. Throw on a pair of blue shorts and you've got a complete outfit!

Fireworks Themed Tees

The Neon City
When the bright firework lights streak across a city skyline, it is a spectacular vision of beauty as rainbows of colors explode from within the depths of the city and turn a hustling bustling place into a beautiful silhouette of color and light.

Northern City Lights
An eagle soars through a beautiful array of colors in the sky. Blues, purples oranges and yellows, like a dazzling display of fireworks on the 4th of July. The colors flow from down below and fill the starry night sky. This tee was designed by Hüman Expo.

Adventure Time
It'€™s adventure time when you wear this tee, and oh what an incredible adventure it would be to ride off into the sky; into the unknown. The swirl of vibrant colors mimics the burst of dozens of bright and colorful fireworks on the 4th of July.

Cosmic Flight
The glorious silhouette of a bird is seen surrounded by bright lights in this gorgeous tee designed by Expo. The flash of colors behind the exotic bird mimic the finale explosion of a firework display. This shirt will spice up your July 4th apparel!

Liberty & Freedom Themed Tees

Eagle Eye
The Bald Eagle is found in the United States of America. It is both the national bird and national animal. The United States is a country known for freedom and independence. Wear this tee proudly on the 4th of July and exercise your right to be unique.

Perfect Pilot
The eagle is a bird of magnificent flight; a bird representing freedom and majesty. This bird is also incredibly hip and ready to party. So wear this red, white, and blue Perfect Pilot tee, designed by jun087, to your July 4th celebration for a fantastic time!

Cut Up T Shirt Designs - DIY Skull Tee

Cut Up T Shirt Designs - DIY Skull Tee

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