Thank You 200k FaceBook Fans

We at Design By Hümans would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our wonderful and devoted Facebook fans, our fellow Hümans. It'€™s been over four years since the launch of our Facebook page and it has grown and developed since our very first wall post on March 13th of 2009. The Design By Hümans fans and over 15,000 artists all around the world are what keep us inspired every day. With your numerous likes and shares of our Facebook page, our brand and our message have spread further than we could have ever imagined. Today, we at Design by Hümans are proud to announce that we have hit two hundred thousand followers on our Facebook page, and it is you, our biggest fans, that have helped us to reach this landmark. So thank you Hümans. Without you we could not have come this far.

To celebrate, we'€™re offering Free Shipping on any order over $20 until Sunday night at midnight and giving away 200 shirts!

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Enter the 200K GiveAway!

From now until Tuesday, July 2nd we will be holding a Free T Shirt GiveAway along with free shipping on all orders worldwide. 10 of our supporters will win 10 free shirts of their choice. By entering your email address or Facebook account through Rafflecopter or Spreeify you will be automatically entered in a pool to win $200 in free Design By Hümans T Shirts! 10 lucky winners will be notified next week!

The Best of Facebook

Over the last year we have had many creative and inspiring posts on our Facebook page both by our fans and by Design By Hümans. We have received incredible responses to much of the content we have shared with you, including many fantastic, witty and sometimes confusing comments. To celebrate your support of our brand, here is a recap of some of the most memorable posts from the Design By Hümans Facebook page.

Black Rose ShirtMost Liked Facebook Post
The most liked post that Design By Hümans has ever had on the Facebook page. Every fan that shared the post was automatically entered to a drawing to win the tee. An incredible artistic masterpiece; beauty and a beast. With a total of 3,771 likes, this post wins the '€˜Most Likes'€™ award by a landslide. The tee featured in this post is titled '€˜Black Rose'€™ and was designed by Hüman FDZAkurt from the Philippines.

Zombies in LoveMost Viral Facebook Post
The '€˜Most Viral'€™ wall post on our Facebook page received 2,710 likes, 633 shares, and 173 comments. There'€™s something about zombies, love, and slurping up brains through a straw that seems to touch all of our hearts. This design is featured on a tee titled '€˜Love Never Dies'€™ by Hüman shantyshawn from the United States. Nothing proclaims true love like the undead.

Joker Lion ShirtWittiest Facebook Comments
We have received many thoughtful and interesting comments and responses on our Facebook page, but some tend to stand out more than others. For its clever and amusing content, this post has been named '€˜Wittiest Comment.'€™ Who knows, monster truck hockey mask could be the next big thing!

funny Koala teeMost Like Facebook Comment
This shirt of the day titled '€œMarsupial Madness'€ was featured on May 23rd, 2012. King Kong would be a little less terrifying if he were pink and fluffy. Not only was this creative artwork liked by over 250 Facebook Fans, the top comment couldn'€™t have been more fitting. You'€™re probably right; this bubblegum-pink gargantuan marsupial is not koalafied to be King Kong.

Best 50 T shirtBest Facebook Tip
A fan left a comment on the Facebook page that led to a great improvement in the cost of shipping from Design By Hümans. Thanks to out fan'€™s advice, we'€™ve worked diligently with our shipping companies to lower costs of international shipping. All international Shipping will be free until This Sunday.

Star Fox Funny ShirtFunniest Wall Photo
On the Design By Hümans Facebook page, we often hold small photo contests. This contest was titled '€˜Model Challenge.'€™ This specific entry was incredibly artistic, and especially hilarious. But what a good-looking model; he'€™s mastered the Blue Steel! Canadian Hüman Recycledwax designed the tee featured in this post, titled '€œStar Wolf.'€

Cut me Most EccentricMost Eccentric Photo
Some people just have a natural ability for accessorizing their Design By Hümans Tee. The vibrant color and interesting hat choice may leave us confused, but I can'€™t say I don'€™t love it! The tee featured in this post is CutMe by Hüman Shining from Italy. We are proud to have such creative fans, keep up the great work!

Zombie Brains graphic teeMost Active Fan
We must give special credit to our top Design By Hümans tee collector. He has brightened up our Facebook wall with his creative ways to model our T Shirts. We appreciate your amazing support for DBH. You are an inspiration for us and for all of our Facebook fans!

Analog android teeBest Partner Story
An awesome Design By Hümans partner posted this imaged to our Facebook page. Digital Departure is an Electronic Dance group from Chicago, Illinois in the United States. They are a strong supporter of DBH from all the way across the country. This '€˜shocking'€™ photo exhibits Matt, Adam and Phil rocking '€˜Pandalism 2 Peace Sign,'€™ '€˜Analog android,'€™ and '€˜Flip Over.'€™ Thanks for the support guys!

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