Top 5 Best T Shirt Design Books

Top 5 Best T Shirt Design Books

Okay so we'€™re not exactly a book club here. But there are some shirt design books out there to read. Here are a few suggestions regarding the business, process, and inspirations of new t shirt designs. These are references to help you understand the t shirt design process from ideas, to printing, to branding, to trend analysis. Have a look at some of these top selling t shirt design books for a further look into the business and pleasure of graphic shirts.


Torso T Shirt design book

Torso is a graphic shirt book that looks into the depths of style, communication and the influence of t shirts today. A deeper look into influences, communicating a style, and setting new trends. The book is full of new inspiration, photography, and analysis throughout the generations of t shirt design. It also features a bunch of Design By Humans tees from some of our biggest artists.

Threads not Dead

Threads not dead t shirt design book

Is one of the best books in the t shirt design world. From designing a t shirt to starting your own brands it'€™s a great tool, to refine techniques, learn the printing processes, and stay on trend or create new ones. It goes from chapter to chapter the different stages of t shirt design from working with clients, printing, to branding and marketing. The book also comes with t shirt mockups, photo shop brushes and vector graphics. This is a great way to get a full perspective of the t shirt design world.

1000 Garments

1000 Garment Graphics Book

1000 Garments is a book dedicated to variety of trend hitting t shirts. A great collection of inspirational t shirt artwork to spark up new ideas for your next design, basically, its a full catalog of pop culture t shirt designs. This one also contains a couple of Design By Humans tees.

Zeixs T-shirt Design 2

Zeixs T Shirt Design 2 Book

The T-Shirt '€“ everybody knows it, everybody owns it. It'€™s as well a piece of clothing as it is a billboard for music, films, brands '€“ or for the person who wears it itself. It transfers messages and expresses opinions. The ultimate T-shirt is a self-designed original and this book features hundreds of cool tees. It features past Design By Humans winners and celebrates many great artists from the Design By Humans community.

T Shirt Sketchbook

Finally, the best t shirt design book you can make is a t shirt sketch book. This is a great book to help visualize graphic placement and scaling of your next t shirt design. The T Shirt sketchbook is by you and for you to sketch, brainstorm ideas, and create your next dream t shirt.

The t-shirt business is great because there are always artworks, trends and ideas that keep the styles fresh. This is our first attempt at a '€œDesign By Humans book club.'€ These are some of the best t shirt design books on the market to help with design ideas, learn the industry and increase your overall knowledge in t shirt design. From designer t shirts, to just for fun shirts you can learn a lot about the life span of a t shirt.

Design By Humans In the T Shirt Books

Here is some example from the pages of T Shirt Design 2, featuring some great DBH Designs.

You can start you own designer book club, or continue the list with other great t shirt design books.

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