Inspiring Female Artists in the Design Community

Asunción Macián Ruiz, or MedusaDollmaker, is a 30-year-old digital and traditional illustrator, mercenary and sculptor, entirely self-taught. What might surprise you about Asunción is that she is a part-time Gorgon. A Gorgon is a monstrous feminine creature in Greek mythology who would turn any unfortunate soul who laid eyes on her into stone. Asunción wields pencils, colored pencils, pen and her Wacom Intuos 4 to produce her masterful and intricate works of art. Oh, and she speaks fluent nerd.

Cate Jose, or Pinkstorm, is a full-time graphic designer from Manila in the Philippines. She specializes in Photo Manipulation, Wedding Layouts, Product Shots and T-shirt Designing. Cate currently has a beautiful submission in the Diablo III T-Shirt Design Contest titled The Hunter. She has been a member of Design By Humans since 2008 and has had thirteen winning T-shirts. Her designs often incorporate bright colors and various animals, which she creates using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Katie Campbell, or CampKatie, is an illustrator and designer residing in Savannah, Georgia. Katie'€™s art style is simple yet tasteful, often incorporating few colors in a pleasing visual manor. She produces fun, unique posters in her free time for famous musicians such as Jack Johnson and the Indigo Girls. Her ability to creative incredible, aesthetically pleasing illustrations with simplicity inspires artists, reminding us that art does not need to be complex and highly detailed. Minimalism is incredibly popular and looks great on a T-shirt.

Spirit OwlMelita Curphy, or MissMonster, is a multi-media artist currently residing in Chicago, Illinois. Her mediums include gouache and acrylic paint as well as tangible objects like plastic, leather and wood. Melita is a empowered, self-employed artist. There is something very unique about Melita; she creates very unique and interesting sculptures of creatures of a different world; monsters reminiscent of the 1986 film the Labyrinth with snouts and fangs, bat wings and horns, talons and full coats of fur. She is self taught in the art of sculpture, leather and casting work. She runs her online store out of her own home where she creates her artwork by hand.

Megan Lara, or MeganLara, is a 25-year-old illustrator and self-proclaimed book, movie, music and video game nerd. She has a fervent love for pop culture. Her passion for illustration began when she was gifted a computer for her 10th birthday, when she had been promised a fainting goat. She spent the next years of her life falling in love with computer illustrating from MS Paint to Photoshop Elements. She studied studio painting in college and now enjoys designing T-shirts and comic book covers, as well as attending Comicon events.

These are only a few of the extremely gifted female illustrators and designers on Design By Humans. These women are truly inspirational with an undeniable artistic vision. With such spectacular talent they have developed well-known names for themselves outside of the Design By Humans website, and we are grateful to have such talented artists designing T-shirts within the DBH community. You amaze, and you inspire. Never stop doing what you love.

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