Choose the Winning Diablo T Shirts & Win

Do you have what it takes to pick the winning t-shirt designs? Test your eye for legendary artwork against the Creative Directors at Blizzard Entertainment and Design By Humans.

Today, DBH and Blizzard Entertainment begin a Bonus Quest within the Diablo III T-shirt Design Contest: Be the Creative Director. In this quest, each registered DBH user will receive five gold coins to place on the five T-shirts they think are the best, the most brilliant, the winners the Diablo III T-Shirt Design Contest. Upon placing all of your coins and guessing all five winning T-Shirts correctly, you will win each of the five winning Diablo T-shirts. By correctly guessing four of the winning T-shirts you will win those four T-shirts. Select three of the Diablo III T-Shirt Design Contest winning T-shirts and you will win those three incredible, masterful creations to own and wear, because you have the eye of a Creative Director.

You must be registered with the DBH website to participate in the Diablo III T-Shirt Design Contest Bonus Quest, Be the Creative Director. If you have not registered, you can register here.

Keep an eye out for those incredible T-shirt designs, and good luck!

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