Interesting Spring Trends for 2013 and Beyond

What'€™s going to be the new trends for 2013? Well, it depends on the overall style you are personally going for. New trends happen because a new item goes viral. The fastest going trend we are looking at is neons and electronic dance music to continue a mass appeal amongst music fans. The good vibe music, fun atmosphere, bright lights and creative attire will all continue to grow. Bright, fun festival t shirt designs are a cure for the winter coldness.  Thus, the beginning part of the spring has been dedicated to this trend featuring creative, abstract and bright colored neon tees.

The Neon's and Brights from Up and Coming Music Trends

Defragged Neon Trend Cool and Wild Neon T Shirts Pink Dino Shirts Lost Neon T Shirts

Fine Art Drawings on T Shirts

Other successful trends that we could see grow in the spring are wearable art, meaning detailed illustration or fine art prints on tees. Trends like this have been around before, but this times there seems to be a real emphasis on art and detailed illustration and paintings. There are now more options for highly detailed designs. Here at Design By Humans we have seen a rise in the number of more detailed pieces. Designs from artists like Qetza and Hyrdo74 with a fine eye for detail. The apparel world and even high fashion are showing a touch of class and appreciation for great art shirts.

Qetza Fine Art Drawings Hydro 74 The Lion Art Drawing Half Hunter Art Trend design paradigm trend

Popculture Trends in Movies, Games and Television.

The cult of pop culture is always dependent on the newest movies, video games, sayings, and media. From Dr. Hoot to the Harlem Shake most anything in the media can rapidly become a trend. Pop Culture becomes the culture of you, based on the media you associate with. Really when it comes down to it your pop culture is the expression of what you like. For example, the Djs and music lover check out the music section. Gamers, techies can show off their geek side with a creative design, and the urban stars can represent the street style wear with an abstract style.

Dr. Hoot TV Trend Time Fiction TV Trend Poked to Death TV Trend Anti Gravity MJ Shirt

The new spring fashion trends will emerge here shortly with trend setters and mass appeal supporting it. This 2013 is a great way to establish your new spring style. Design By Humans is here to give you the tools to start your own trend and be the leader of your own unique style.

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