New Bright Futures lookbook photoshoot

Bright Futures PhotoshootThe Bright Future photos shoot was brought together with a collection of epic neon styles. The inspiration came from the upcoming music festivals that warm up the summer nights. The night life will be ready with bright t-shirts, DJ'€™s, dance music and colorful lights. The Bright Future Photo shoot was composed of fun costumes, cool colors, and unusual lighting. Take a look at some behind the scenes footage'€¦and check out the next spring trend, the Bright Futures lookbook.

zebra art shirt

Full costume, full color and rockin!

Make Up for Photoshoot

First Things first, Make Up!

iridescent photo backgrounds

After trying out some new textures, we had fun with the rainbow effects we got off the iridescent photo backgrounds. Now we're ready for the intragalactic space party.

iridescent photo backgrounds

The Retro Tv helped us out with testing the lighting and backgrounds of each of the photo sets.

Retro TV Color

Then we powered up two 48" black lights and got some cool color harmonies and contrasts.

Black Light Photoshoot

Check out the entire spring look book here. Thanks to all our models, helpers and make up artists for a colorful and fun photo shoot.

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