SXSW Live Art Battle Revealed

The culmination of a 4 week journey concluded yesterday at SXSW in Austin Texas. DeadBugDesign and Cabooth took center stage at the CraveOnline venue with an epic showdown of both art and skill. The live contest theme was "Crave The Grave" and each artist had 90 minutes to complete their design. No easy task when the place is full of people watching every line you make on a large scale projection!

SXSW Live Art Battle

Head to Head Design Contest

DeadBugDesign on the left came out of the gate strong with a dominant SXSW music theme. A powerful fist explodes through the grave holding a microphone, the cord wrapping around the arm as it dramatically bursts through the soil. DeadBugDesign even added a Design By Humans logo and SXSW type to finish the design off with a unique concert poster feel.

Awesome Art Contest

Live Design Contest

Crave the Grave Design Contest

Cabooth on the right started with detailed line work from the get go. A detailed illustration unfolded showing skillful line art. With time against him Cabooth utilized every second with masterful stroke after masterful stroke. Adding shading and small details the image started to come to life in the first ten minutes. The theme rested heavy but the grave element was captured and the final piece had cool rendering and an almost three dimensional feel.

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Design Battle

SXSW CraveOnline Art Contest

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SXSW Live Art Battle

SXSW Live Art Battle

SXSW Live Art Battle

SXSW Live Art Battle

Each artist worked through "Crave The Grave" concept with passion, conviction and both were asset to the Design by humans event. The battle raged for 90 minutes but in the end both artists were victorious. Beautiful art was created, good times were had and a few beers were clinked together is celebration. Both artists were ambassadors to Design By Humans and represented the ethos of empowered artists. Thanks DeadBugDesign and Cabooth, we look forward to seeing you again through submissions, the blogs, meet ups and your awesome art.

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About The CraveOnline Design By Humans Contest

The contest theme is simple, "What Do You Crave?" Entrants will be judged on based on topic execution, comments, votes, and engagement. Three winners will be chosen, and the top two winners will be flown, to Austin Texas SXSW to compete in the head-to-head live art battle to be documented by CraveOnline.

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