Kdeuce Artist Interview - Master of the Brush

KDeuce, Master of the Digital Brush and Minimalist T Shirt Designs

DefraggedKdeuce is based in Hawaii and has racked up 10 wins to date at Design By Humans. His cool paintbrush style and subtle detailing have made him a firm favorite here at esign By Humans. This artist'€™s run doesn't look like slowing down with him recently gaining a DBHCollective store. Consistently staying in the top 10 best selling stores, this artist is here for the long haul. We couldn't be more pleased to have him and we suggest next time you're in Hawaii you buy this guy a drink.

No King By KDeuce Koi Wash Shirt by Kdeuce Ambush shirt by kdeuce

Kdeuce's Smooth Textures and Unique Brush Techniques

Q: Kdeuce please give us an insight into life in Hawaii. I know you have cool beaches, Dog the Bounty Hunter and a taste for spam but tell us something we didn'€™t know about the beautiful country you reside in.

A:Well, I'm not originally from Hawaii. I was born in the Philippine Islands but I started my life here in Hawaii.
Hawaii is great. Island life is not for everyone but I love it here. Perfect weather and perfect beaches. Year-round surf. Not much else you can ask for. That said, you probably didn't know Hawaii has the worst traffic in the U.S allegedly.

Q: Are you self-taught or did you learn all your cool art skills at a college/school/university?


Q: Now let'€™s discuss your art. Would you say your work is influenced by Japanese watercolors or are there other influences I am missing?

Kdeuce Koi Wash

Koi Wash shows the eastern calligraphy and watercolor influence

A:I am drawn to Sumi-e paintings and Japanese and Chinese calligraphy so I guess there are some eastern Asian influence in some of my designs.

Q: You have a number of Samurai tees here at Design By Humans but also animals feature heavily in your work, is that intentional?

A: It may sound cheesy but the beauty of Mother Nature inspires me quite a bit. I guess that's where the animal/insect themed designs come from. Samurai are just plain badass.

Q: When an idea appears in your head for a new tee design how do you extract it from the depths of your mind and make it a finished product? What is your process?

A:I'm afflicted with the disease of procrastination. I like to sit around and watch NBA games or check my fantasy teams. When I've used up every inch of the Internet and cleaned out my Oreo stash, I'll sit down and tape my ass to the chair and start doodling.
Kidding aside, it's a fairly simple process: thumbnail doodles on a sketchbook then Photoshop.

Q: Which of your DBH graphic tees is your favorite and why?

A: Never-nevermore. I just like how the comic-style panels worked out as a t-shirt design. It's different.

Q: When you are not designing stuff what other activities do you get up to, I hear you're a surfer and kite flyer?

A: Yeah. I surf as well as kite surf when the wind is up. I try to get in the water everyday if I can. Being in the ocean is therapeutic and a source of inspiration for me.

Q: Tell us a secret about yourself.

A: I can dead lift 2 and half times my bodyweight.

Never Nevermore ShirtsQ: '€˜Never, Nevermore'€™ has been a popular tee and has been reprinted a number of times. Did you find inspiration in Poe's work and did you expect it to make the Top 50 Most Wanted list?

A: Yeah, some of it was inspired by Poe's work. I was stoked how the design turned out (doesn't happen a lot) I had a feeling it could do well. Not multiple-reprint-top-50 well, though.

Q: Which DBH shirt designer do you think will be the most successful in 2013? Who do you admire and which new artist do you think will take off?

A: DBH designer in 2013: Kdeuce. I'm about to turn it up in this piece, ya hurrr? >..< Realistically, I'd say Dzeri29. Dude's a machine. Admire: There are so many sick artists out there I could fill up this whole page with names. To name a couple; Mielgo, Mullins. New artist: MeganLara

Q: Finally, if you had to be a vampire, werewolf or zombie tomorrow when you woke up, which would you choose and why?

A: Werewolf. 'cuz I think they'd be able to bench press the most.

KDeuce's Collective Store

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