Animal Shirts that Help you Find your Spirit

If you'€™ve been a fan here at Design By Humans for a while you have seen the famous lions, tiger, bears and owls printed on our top quality tees.  We occasionally get blessed with more fantasy creatures like unicorns and dragons.

Spirit Animal ShirtsSo what animal best represents your style? What is your spirit animal? We have made a list of the best animal shirts from around our site to help you on your adventure. What is a spirit animal or an animal that represents your style? Well, the animal that you can relate to the most. Are you sly and smart as a fox, powerful like a lion, light hearted like a panda or cuddly like a kitty? Maybe you don'€™t relate to a real animal but you can associate more with the dragons and unicorns.  Maybe your into Cosplay or fantasy role playing games? Who knows? But whatever your preference Design By Humans will have a tee that suits you.

Me personally, change my mood as often as my tee! Some days I'€™m moody, other days I am the lions roar and other times I could be soaring like an eagle. Regardless I have put together collections of the best animal shirts to further find my spirit animal or should I say spiritual zoo? There are lots of options I don'€™t think I could pick just one. My spirit animal could be one of the cats with headphones, or a painting panda. Either way there are tons of animal shirt designs up for grabs here.

Lion ShirtsThe lion shirts are a favorite and always have been. The giant cat with strong eyes and a great mane always make for a great t-shirt design. Bold and dramatic the lion allows artists to add detail and attitude.

Tiger ShirtsTigers are another favorite, prowling and full of mystery and beauty. Artists love these beasts and draw their stripes in many cool styles. Detailed line art or blood splattered abstraction; we'€™ve seen it all, or have we?

Cat T-shirts are growing in popularity; the cute and cuddly pets with a mind of their own have quite the following. Cats dominate the web and we have some pretty cool tees with cats right here too.

Panda ShirtsPanda Shirts '€“ The black and white bears are contrasting creatures. Strong, soft and often portrayed as cute. Artists can sue the contrast of the bears and their fun loving spirit to capture a funny tee or raise awareness of their plight.

Owl ShirtsOwl Shirts '€“ The leaders of the night sky. Impeccable vision and stealthy flight make them a dark favorite.

Dragon Dragon Shirts '€“ Now we are getting into the fantasy realms as one of the more powerful lizards of any story. Dragons are from Chinese tradition to medieval fairytale. Breathing fire, flying over cliffs and dominating knights on their battles.

Unicorn ShirtsUnicorn Shirts '€“ The magic of the unicorn is a fairy tale favorite. You must be free, uplifting, fun and imaginative to have a unicorn as your spirit animal.

Bird t shirt designs are dominators of the sky. High soaring, great vision, and living in the clouds. Check out the gas mask sparrows to the soaring eagles.

Sea Animals ShirtsSea Creatures Shirts include all the vast fishes, sharks, whales and octopi of the ocean. Do you have the bit of a shark? Perhaps you enjoy the grace and intelligence of an octopus, or just love the deep sea adventures of the kraken.

Did you find your spirit animal yet? Or at least get a chance to view some cool animal shirt designs? You can continue to look through you favorite animal shirts to find a few that fit you best.

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