Win $1500 in the One Color T Shirt Design Contest

One color t shirts can be a dramatic way to give a design contrast and detail. A one color design allows you to focus directly on the design and its relation to the shirt. Black and white designs will give a high contrast look that gives a strong positive and negative effect. The foreground and background will work with one another to make an interesting visual appearance. There are also subtle opportunities to create an elegant look that blends with the rest of the shirt, yet still has that unique appeal. A baby blue on a dark blue blank makes a nice color harmony that has a medium contrast. The silhouette t shirt design has that simple color harmony, that can make that design contrast stand out. Enter the one color t shirt design contest by April 19, 2013 for a chance to win up to $1500.

Let'€™s take a look at some of these great One Color Designs.

Great positive and negative play, your eye bounces back and forth from foreground to background.

Black and white t shirt design

The single color designs show texture details like in the Man on the Moon.

Man on the Moon

A single color gives this t shirt design detail, power, and integration. The complex design is simplified by a single color.

Dream Quest

This reverse silhouette plays on positive and negative color. The white highlights, and the blacks create a shadow.

Silhouette T Shirts Design

A light green on darker green really lets the texture show with out completely attacking the viewer.

Cool Croc in Green Design

Good luck on your next one color t shirt design, we look forward to seeing all the creative entries. Submit to the one color contest.

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