Leaders of the Free World Special Print

Leaders of the Free World is a special edition shirt with front to back printing. This artwork remixes the classic couple of American Gothic, and gives it a modern spin. Throw out the pitch fork and the hay stacks; its time for books, grenades and gas masks. For all those that left farm for the free world, this is the graphic tee for you. This t shirt design can be seen as a tribute to American Gothic by Grant Wood, which can be seen at the Art Institute of Chicago. The original evoked a 19th century couple in America symbolizing traditional roles. The man with the pitchfork symbolizes hard labor, and the flowers over the lady’s shoulder stood for domestic chores.

As for the Leaders of the Free World, they clutch hands after surviving disaster; one with books in hand and the other with a grenade, both with gas masks on. This modern gothic style is soon to be a highlight in a vintage collection. The classic style colors and modern composition are a new vintage favorite. It’s been a while since we did an all over print shirt like this one, as we make a special tribute print to the Leader’s of the Free World.

Leaders of the Free WorldLeaders of the Free World

Vintage Leaders of the Free World

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