Recycled Wax's New Graphic Shirts

Recycled Wax has just uploaded his new retro cartoon style to the Collective. These graphic shirts are creative creatures and compositions with different themes. Check out “Toxic Music” for one of the funniest bands on the strip. The “Lightness and Darkness” is the portrayal of good verses evil; The little dark red fire critters versus the light blues of the clouds creatures. Finally, when it comes to the “Spirit of the Forest,” the deer, owls, foxes and butterflies develop the nature of this t shirt design. “Recycledwax’s” t shirts are a family of creative fun, simple cartoons and selective color. Enjoy the intricate cartoons and comics within each graphic shirt.  

Recycledwax Collective T Shirt Store

Let the spirit of music jam the the toons of they fun cartoons.

Toxic Music Shirt

The Lightness and the Darkness split between two worlds.

Wolf in Sheeps Clothing Tee

The Spirit of the Forest as a emblem of nature.

Spirit of the Forest

Leaders of the Free World Special Print

New Gloopz Graphic Tees