National Cat Herders Day

National Cat Herder's Day is a day to celebrate those who, in their day-to-day lives, find that what they are doing is herding cats, whether literally or figuratively (and obviously for those who LOVE cats!) If you can say that your job, or even your life, is like trying to herd cats, then this day is for you. Check out some of Design by Humans most popular cat related t-shirts to show how you combat that impossible overwhelming feeling.

Astronaut Cat by ClingCling It'€™s time to blast off!!! This neon cat is made for space, for taking on the impossible and facing it head on. This cool photo realistic, neon design is perfect for a night out on the town. Grab this cat t shirt before it disappears into a galaxy far, far away.

I've Got A Cat In My Pocket by Artemple Pocket designs have been extremely popular at DBH and its easy to see why! This cute, little kitty has got his eyes bright yellow eyes on you. Get this pocket spy cat t-shirt sweatshirt or phone case for yourself only from Design by Humans and you too can have a cat in your pocket.

Infinity Cat by Adamlawless This space cat has had quite the adventure! This cool photo realistic neon design mashed classic black and white element with bright, neon colors for some stunning t-shirt art! Don't you wish you could see just what this cat is seeing? Grab a shirt or sweatshirt featuring this cat and you're sure to stand out in the crowd!

Cat Cat Cat by EVA3 Can you get over just how cute this cat is? This bubble gum cutie can do no wrong with those sparkling eyes. This simple, illustrated tee features stunning details that create super realistic looking eyes. This cat t-shirt is perfect for any cat lover or cat herder!

The Adventurer Cat by ClingCling This cat is ready to ride! No cat lover could resist this cool cat's charm - a purrrrfect companion for your next awesome adventure. Grab this cat design and let him take the wheel, he's already got all the gear.

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