National Ice Cream Day

I scream, you scream, we all scream, for ice cream - especially on a day that is celebrated as National Ice Cream day, which for some reason unknown to the internet, is in December. Chase down that ice cream truck, or head to the freezer section of your local supermarket and grab yourself a delicious ice cream cone, sundae, milkshake, pop, or what ever else you can think of made out of ice cream. Don't worry about the calories, just go with it, and thank Mr. Charles E. Minches who, on July 23, 1904 made a wonderfully delicious snack for everyone to enjoy. Design by Humans is also celebrating by picking out some of DBH's favorite ice cream apparel.

cat ice cream neon tshirt t shirt sweatshirt Slurp! by Nicebleed Cute and tasty all in one! This psychedelic design of a kitten licking its way through a neon ice cream pop is a necessity for your closet. If you want what he's having, then look no further than Design by Humans for a new t-shirt, sweatshirt, or even a phone case featuring this little guy.

frozen let it go ice cream tshirt sweatshirt Ice Cream Queen by MedusaDollmaker Meat Elsa the Ice Cream Queen! No longer just the Ice Queen, she has taken on a more satisfying role to show that she truly is a good person. Maybe she will even make an ice cream castle. Snag this chilly, vintage, art nouveau inspired design on a sweatshirt or t shirt before it's lost in a snowstorm.

dr who tardis popsicle tshirt sweatshirt Tardis Ice Pop by Olipop Try the new taste of summer with this Tardis Ice Pop, a blue raspberry & banana flavored ice cream bar, complete with a jelly bean and refreshing custard inside! Get this Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey taste only from Design by Humans. We promise it'll go perfect with your bow tie, fez and sonic screwdriver.

skull icecream neon tshirt sweatshirt Fresh To Death #1 by Cion No one ever died from eating ice cream...that we know of...but you can't deny the beauty of this design's neon ice cream colors topping this menacing hand drawn skull. Grab this design before it melts away.

ice cream cone pine cone sweater tshirt sweatshirt Ice Cream Cones by Mariyaolshevska I don't always eat ice-cream, but when I do, I choose my cone carefully. The pine cone can get a little too crunchy so naturally I go with the waffle cone. Here's something cheerful to make your winter just a little warmer.

More Ice Pop Designs in the spirit of National Ice Cream Day

pepsi popsicle totoro pop icecream with a cat on top
tooty-frutti polar bear cones CMYK cones

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