Day In The Life of DBH Staff: Megan

What'€™s it really like to be a part of the Design By Humans workforce? Are we all just a bunch of robots or is there really a person answering all your forum questions? Does our office have any fun at all? Find out in this week'€™s "Day In The Life Series"€ (DITLO): DBH Staff. This week we follow your fellow DBH Blogger (me!) Megan.

Day in the life: Megan, DBH Content Commander

I transferred to Chico State University in early 2013 to pursue a degree in Graphic Design and was desperately in need of a job. Luckily, I heard Design By Humans had a couple of open positions in Social Media and Copywriting from a Chico Alumni. I researched DBH and was psyched to find a local company that was dedicated to great art and outstanding artists all over the world. I eventually got hired on as the DBH Social Media Manager, which I took care of for a short period of time. Katya (read her DITLO here!) eventually took on our Social Media accounts and I took over Copywriting and Blogging here at DBH. I've really enjoyed blogging for Design By Humans and I love your feedback on the blogs (especially you, Biotwist).

What are some of your favorite Design By Humans designs?

Sploosh by MeganLara Let's just say I watched the new season of Archer in one sitting. I LOVE that show. And Pam? She might just be my favorite. I love this rendition by MeganLara.

Glitch Don't Kill My Type by Roberlan As a designer, I'm a big fan of typography. This shirt made me laugh and I had to have it. I always get compliments on it from other designers in class.

So, What's It Like To Be Megan?

8:00 am - Sweet jesus I (was) asleep. My cat Maverick pounces on my stomach and decides it's time to get up, even though I don't have class for another hour. This semester my school schedule has been hectic (I graduate in December!) and I am extremely lucky to have such a great team and bosses at DBH that work with my schedule. *cough Kevin and Jeff* :D

9:30 am - Still struggling to wake up in the middle of my advanced design class. We'€™re coding mobile apps and it'€™s like hell on Earth - especially this early. As you can tell, my classmates love my design-related DBH tees (this ones a DBH oldie by MasterControl). They'€™re always interested to see what new designs I wear to class - we'€™re all art nerds!

Noon - Just getting into DBH headquarters and someone's brought cookies (again?!) I sneak past the golden baked goodies and make my way to my desk. I'm greeted with a wave of marketing emails from my boss Kevin about new sales, contests and more that we need content for. I sift through our newsletters for content ideas and read all your amazing blog comments.

1:30 pm - My workload continues to increase with the introduction of a flash weekend sale (FREE Worldwide Shipping anyone?!). I'€™m trying to multitask writing a sale blog with hand-picked awesome t-shirts and a massive Press Release, and I've started making faces at Katya from behind her computer monitor.

1:35 pm - Making faces at Katya has escalated to a full-on nerf gun war. Although our nerf guns are no match to some of our coworkers'€™ - we try our best to defend our territory. We fail miserably. WE'€™LL WIN SOMEDAY.

2:45 pm - Time for our Marketing Team meeting. Katya, Kevin and I huddle up and start discussing brand new content, contests and sales for DBH. We'€™re currently recovering from Black Friday and Cyber Monday whiplash - but isn'€™t the Tee Grinder 2.0 the COOLEST thing you'€™ve seen since (dare I say it?) the Original Tee Grinder! If you haven'€™t checked it out yet, take a look. By the way, we'€™ve still got some tricks up our sleeves. Check back soon for some amazing New Years 2015 content :)

3:30 pm - Try to *NOT* sneak up on our designer Josh to ask him about the status of some blog graphics and I still startle him. There'€™s no avoiding it! He reminds me I need to wear sneaky shoes. We talk design until we start getting weird looks - not everyone understands the joy in finding free PSD mockups and typeface pairing websites haha.

3:45 pm - Since it'€™s December, I'€™m contemplating blog ideas for cool winter themed t-shirts. Snowflakes and hot chocolate, anyone? Also, let'€™s see some more Santa designs, artists! At the same time I'm also finishing up some graphics and content for the DBH Gift Guide (which almost consumed my soul). I know my soul is already questionable because I'€™m a ginger (so I'€™ve been told), but hey, a girl's gotta try.

4:05 pm - I'm looking through brand new and classic designs while writing new blog content, but there's still a LOT of pop culture references I still don'€™t get, which is why I worship Katya. She explains to me why Totoro is not a cat OR dog and why Link is not Zelda... To be fair I'€™ve come a LONG way and I can usually figure out your pop culture mashups, but I'€™m sure Katya would beg to differ haha.

4:50 pm - If I'€™m extremely lucky, my mother will call me at EXACTLY 4:50pm. I send it to voicemail. She leaves me a 5 minute message asking when I'€™m coming home to visit (NEVER! MWAHAHA).

5:00 pm - I'€™m finishing up some last minute coding to get blogs scheduled for next week. Depending on how I want the blog to look, I may need to ask Brent to help me out (he's one of our coders and UI masters). He sighs audibly but always helps me out when I can'€™t figure something out.

5:30 pm - It's time to head out of the office. I make sure my nerf gun is reloaded, glare at Katya'€™s dead plants (she argues they're not dead), and shuffle my half-filled water bottles around.

6:00 pm - I've just arrived home and I can hear my cat Maverick whining from the end of the hallway - as if I'€™d horribly abandoned her all day and was never coming back. I open my bedroom door and see she'€™s opened all the bathroom cabinets again (it'€™s like reliving that scene from The Sixth Sense every single day.). It doesn'€™t get any less creepy, believe me.

7:00 pm - On good days I can get my friend Liz to avoid the gym and grab some AMAZING pho with me at The Noodle House here in Chico. It'€™s the best place in town!

8:00 pm - By this time I'€™m usually swamped with design homework, whether it'€™s creating logos for my corporate identity class or trying to fix up my website for my presentation class. This last semester has really been a wild ride.

12:00 am - By now, I'€™m contemplating going to sleep. I'€™m a bit of a night owl and once I get designing, its hard to stop. Tomorrow is going to be rough...

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