Duncan Yo-Yo Video Shoot & Giveaway

Have we ever mentioned our hometown of Chico, CA is home to the National Yo-Yo Museum?!

This year'€™s National Yo-Yo Contest was held on October 4th in the heart of Downtown Chico (near DBH Headquarters!) at the City Plaza. Nail-biting Championship prelim rounds and sponsored community events also took place in Chico City Plaza - and DBH wanted to get involved!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We teamed up with players from the Official Duncan YoYo Crew for a photo shoot of epic proportions where the players showcased their top tricks. Many of the Duncan Yo Yo players hail from Chico (as well as countries around the world!) and DBH was more than happy to team up with these talented players.

To celebrate this awesome event and accomplished yo-yoers, we're holding a rafflecopter giveaway so you can get your hands on some free swag from DBH and Duncan. The giveaway will run from December 8th - December 14th.

The First place winner will receive a Hoodie and T-shirt of their choice from Design By Humans. They will also receive a Pulse YoYo and Metal Drifter YoYo from Duncan YoYo.

The Second place winner will receive a Hoodie of their choice from Design By Humans. They will also receive a Freehand YoYo and Dragonfly YoYo from Duncan YoYo.

The Third place winner will receive a t-shirt of their choice from Design By Humans and a Throw Monkey YoYo from Duncan YoYo.

Meet a part of the United States Duncan YoYo Crew

Colin Beckford

Hi, I'm Colin Beckford, and I'm 14 years old and reside in Cleveland, Ohio. I'm a state and regional champion in the 3A division (two spinning yoyos) and I am a member of Duncan Crew USA. I'm also 4th in the nation, and I alsoplace in other state contests along the eastern side of the US.

Sebastian Brock

Sebastian "Sebby" Brock is a professional performer living in the greatly muggy state of Florida. Originally from Virginia, where he studied at the College of William and Mary, he is a born competitor and innovator with titles on the state, regional, national, and even international level, but still manages to win with an entertaining style.

Augie Fash

Hola my dudes! My name is Augie Fash and I began playing yoyo when he was 9 years old. I was definitely a pretty uncoordinated kid and I didn't think I had too much hope of becoming a yoyo pro. But I decided that if dedicated enough recesses, I might just be able to master the thing. A couple pairs of broken glasses, a few chipped teeth, and many knotted yo­yo strings later, I'd won the US National Contest, toured the world, and have even been lucky to have my face on a few trading cards.

Bryan Jardin

My name is Bryan Jardin! I'm a Duncan Yoyo Professional with 6 Philippine National Championship wins and 2x Asia Pacific Championship wins. I was born and raised in the Philippines but now I'€™m in Florida living the American dream!

Zac Rubino

Zac Rubino lives and breathes yo­yos in Chico, California. He started yoyoing in 2007 and was inspired to pursue offstring in 2008 after professional Augie Fash performed at Zac's school. In 2009 yoyo master (and 2000 world offstring champion) Hironori Mii became his yoyo mentor and at the Bay Area Classic, his first contest, Zac placed 3rd and has been competing ever since. Now Zac is one of the best offstring yoyo players in the world! He place 5th at the World Yo­Yo Contest and has won the three most prestigious yo­yo contest in the nation, reigning supreme as the current US National Champion! Zac is sponsored by Duncan and uses the offstring yoyo, the Skyhawk. You can find Zac teaching the next generation of yoyo players every Saturday at the Chico yo­yo club.

Duncan Yo Yo Crew In Action

Bryce is rockin' The Spaceman's Trip by Gloopz

Augie showing us his special move in Segments by Aeoll

Sebastian warming up in Repainted by Alchemist

Colin showing off his skills in Fractal Pattern by Radiomode

Day In The Life of DBH Staff: Megan

Ugly Sweater Tees

Ugly Sweater Tees