Ugly Sweater Tees

Ugly Sweater Tees

It'€™s ugly sweater time! Thinking about going to the thrift store or making a call to grandma? How about checking out some of Design by Humans ugly sweater designs. All the perks of an ugly sweater without the slightly used smell or mothball holes.

super christams bros ugly sweater tshirt t shirt sweatshirt

Super Christmas Bros by RetroReview

Remember that Christmas you couldn't wait to get the new Nintendo NES? And even got one! It'€™s time to grab that old, dusty Super Mario cartridge and get playin'€™ with all your favorite characters like Mario, Luigi, the goombas and Toad in all their 8-bit glory. Bring out your inner geek with this retro Super Mario Bros christmas sweater.

frozen let it go sweater tshirt sweatshirt

Let it Go by Moysche

Do you want to build a snowman? How about playing in the snow with Kristoff, Ana, Elsa, and you can't forget Sven and Olaf! Just let it go with this Frozen themed zip hoodie to keep you warm in the dropping temperatures.

hipster ugly sweater glasses pipes stag neon tshirt sweatshirt

Ugly Hipster Sweater by BeanePod

Who says ugly sweaters can't be badass? This sweater has it all - mustaches, pipes, sunglasses...and not to mention the neon pink stag in the center with that, "I just picked this up at the thrift store,"€ feel. Show off this hipster sweater (that you got way before anyone else) at your next family gathering.

monster evil movie villains krueger jason tshirt sweatshirt

Monster Holiday Sweater by WhosTonyRamos

'Tis the season for murder and mayhem! It'€™s Christmas time, but you better keep an eye on who'€™s climbing down your chimney! Give all your friends a little scare this holiday season in this ugly sweater design featuring horror movie villains like Freddy Krueger, Chucky, Jason and many more nightmare-inducing characters.

doctor who daleks angels tardis ugly sweater tshirt sweatshirt

Who's Sweater by Mandrie

What Doctor Who Christmas is complete without a visit from the Cybermen, Weeping Angels and Daleks?! Be sure to listen for the '€˜oh so familiar'€™ woosh of the Tardis - maybe you'll be the Doctor'€™s next companion while sporting this very cool Whovian fair isle sweater pattern.

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