National Polar Bear Day

Friday February 27th is International Polar Bear Day celebrating one of nature's most impressive hunters and also one of the largest carnivores. Along with celebrating this majestic creature, it is also a day to start your thermostat challenge, just a few degrees difference can help the environment a little at a time. Here are some great bear t-shirts by the Design by Humans Artists.

The Happy Adventurer by jun087 from malaysia
This cute and happy panda in his adventurer garments is ready to fly. The vintage helmet and the oriental cloud patterned red scarf make him looks so cool. Wear this now and you'll be as happy as him!

Don't let the sun Go Down by soltib
Sunglasses are all this polar bear needs to look cool. He shields his eyes from the icy white tundra in his awesome aviators. Get your cool on with a tee or phone case featuring this guy.

Midnight Friend by radiomode
Having surreal conversation with a bear, eating moon honey in the jungle, at night. This cute thought provoking design will be a conversation starter for sure.

Totem Bear by Hulkey
Wake animal rage. T-shirt depicts a furious bear, the most dangerous animal with no natural enemies in the wild. Show off your wild side with this fierce bear design.

The Sky, The Sea by FeelTheHorizon
This simple polar bear design is for all of those who have felt a little lost. This bear is just looking up into the sky, the clouds, and thinking. Get this tee for all your deep thoughts.

Bears on Bicycles by opifan 64
A bear in a hat on a cool is that!! This illustrative design will invoke the playfulness and vintage feel that everyone needs in their life.

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