The H.P. Lovecraft Challenge and Collection

The H.P. Lovecraft Challenge and Collection

Here at Design by humans we like to challenge our artists, give them the chance to show what they've got. This last month DBH issued a challenge to our artists around the world for HP Lovecraft inspired art. They submitted designs for consideration to our HP Lovecraft Collection throughout the month of February. The curated Collection features the best HP Lovecraft inspired art and will be available on t-shirts, phone cases, and art prints. Below are just a few of the amazing designs, check out the full collection here!

Love Cthulhu by Jimiyo The father of horror fiction, Lovecraft and his creation, the mighty Cthulhu. Makes quite a statement as an art print or a t-shirt. This design was also recently featured in a Lovecraft themed giveaway.

Lovecraftmorphosis by pigboom Author and creature become one in this dark Lovecraft inspired design. Lovecraft's beard take on the likeness of Cthulhu's tentacles.

R'lyeh Sashimi by Lopesco Japanese food mixed with horror fiction...what a delicious combination. Just looking at this design makes me hungry.

Portrait of Madness by shantyshawn Undoubtedly one of the original masters of the macabre and the father of all things tentacled, H.P. Lovecraft adorns this design accompanied by his creation, Cthulhu.

Cthul-Aid by BeastPop It's the Great Old Ones' favorite beverage, guaranteed to be maddeningly refreshing! Cthulhu himself enjoys kicking back after a hard day's work in R'lyeh and pouring himself a tall cold glass of Cthul-Aid, and so should you!

Toxic Cthulhu by Jun087 A cool character of Cthulhu now even cooler with its gas mask. This specially design for dark colors tee vector art made an super iconic tee. Grab this H.P. Lovercraft's inspired design now!

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