New Shirt Design Trends from the Collective

A new wave of talented collective shirt designs has surfaced at Design By Humans. New styles, subjects and themes have further increased the diversity of designs available. Qetza has been grinding the gears of fine line and fantasy. He has more the 30 elegant designs to choose from with great line work and subtle colors. SilentOp has also been busy trying out new styles from music themes to urban designs.

New Shirt Styles Blooming in the Collective

A few other gems have begun to sparkle in the Collective, take a look at some great new Collective shirts. Take a look at Aquarium by Moncheng with a texture harmony of dancing fish. Then there is Jun087’s detailed piece God of Tattoo. Taking a new perspective on the artistry of tattoos. It shows a tattoo artist inking a dragon. Infinite Tears is one of the first to take a smooth digital painterly texture to the t shirt design. This shirt has an eye for emotion and should be a popular tee for the designer Pinkstorm.

New Artist to Join the Collective

The Collective also welcomes the beautifully detailed illustration work of Terry Fan aka igot2cairo. Check out the hilarious Burger Board design and the insanely detailed Navajo Skull, showing this designer has a wealth of talent. Ecsu has revealed some cool tees that stand out for the coming summer months. Be sure to look at his nautical themed Tossing My Knots, which is very on trend right now. His other new art includes L.O.V..E which is a unique and intriguing piece that resonates with those of us who have endured tough love.

beta fish aquarium tshirt

God of Tatto Shirt

Infinite Tears

The Key


Owl want Coffee Shirt

New Artist's in the Collective


Navajo Skull


Tossing My Knots

There are many new pieces and many new artists to empower. Support an artist and check out the new section regularly to stay up to date with all the latest styles.

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T Shirt Frames for Your Favorite Tees

T Shirt Frames for Your Favorite Tees