T Shirt Frames for Your Favorite Tees

T Shirt Frames for Your Favorite Tees

Do you have a favorite t shirt? Not just one that you want to wear everyday, but the one that you want to keep forever and ever. Well, the designers at Umbra and the students at Pratt Design have innovated a new T Shirt Frame to display your favorite t shirts on the wall.

A new style of frame that takes the shape of a t shirt. You can fold you t shirt around a template, lock in the backing and hang it on the wall. It turns the t shirt into a piece of wall art, instead of hiding them in the drawers.

This is a great way to frame up your favorite contest winners, limited editions, or unique collective tees. The T shirt frame keeps the t shirt color crisp for years to come. Or if you'€™re like us, then you can put a new one up every month, because we always like seeing new designs.

Where did the T Shirt Frames Come From?

For 8 years in a row Umbra and Pratt Design Competition have hosted a product design competition. The T Shirt frame, designed by Caleb Ferris and Prakhar Mehrotra, was the winning designs in 2012. The design includes a simple frame shaped as a t shirt, a template to fold up the t shirt around, and special padding to keep the t shirt fitting in the frame.

The T Shirt Frame Specs

The t shirt frames are available in white or black. The viewable area of the shirt design is around 13'€ by 19'€. This might require some cropping of the design, but most shirts fit nicely into the frame. It'€™s a great way to keep your special tees in great condition. Check out the how to frame a t shirt video and some shots with some of our Design By Humans Tees framed up and shining on the wall.

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