Notable Newish Collective Art, Graphic Tees and Cases

New Graphic Tee Designs
At Design By Humans, there is a multitude of fresh and fantastic new graphic tees uploaded daily. It's tough to catch these designs while they're still new-new, so please enjoy these new-ish collective stores and newish collective art, chock-full splendorous talent that is probably not so new.

Exceptional Newish Collective Stores

Cory Freeman Designs

Four Ninja Shirt Design

CoryFreeman's collective store has an array of colorful graphic artwork, including this shirt design, Four Ninjas. This awesome vibrant small orange sphere tells a big story. It incorporates minimalism as well as silhouettes and an excellent sense of depth.

Check out CoryFreeman's Collective Store

Dark Chocolate Designs

new Baznga shirt

DarkChocolat's collective store contains many fun pop culture parodies, from 80's video games to popular modern television shows. Check out My Sweet Friends, Franks Prophecy, and this awesome creative design, BaZnGa!

Check out DarkChocolate's Collective Store!

Helegram Designs T Shirts

New It's Cold outside Cat Shirt Helgram's 'It's cold Outside' design has been quite a hit. The artist's collective store is vibrant and playful. If you want to see fruit ninjas chopping each other up, making a ninja fruit salad, check out his design Fruit Salad.

Check out Helgram's Collective Store!

Nertee Designs Shirts

NerteeDesigns has created some wonderful shirt designs with pop culture references including The Doctor VS. The Universe.

Check out NerteeDesigns' Collective Store!

Glogo Designs Shirts

New Pixel Bear Shirt

Glogo has produced a very unique set of pixilated animal shirt designs including a vicious, yet oh-so-cute bear, a tiger, a wolf, a panda and an owl. She's also managed to combine three pop culture themes into one fantastic work of art in her 8-bit backup design.

Check out Glogo's Collective Store!

CodDesigns T Shirts

men of Mayhem Graphic Tee

In CoDDesigns' collective store, he has many t shirt designs taking characters from pop culture and reinvents them into small cartoon kid versions of themselves. This design, Teller Customs, is an emblem for a motorcycle shop, referencing a great TV show.

Check out CoDDesigns's Collective Store!

Outstanding Newish Designs New AdamLawless Cat Shirt


She glares off into the distance as she mourns the loss of her home planet, Meow. Once a young and innocent house cat living for the food in her bowl and the scratches on her chin, she is forever to live life as a space kitty, traversing the vast emptiness of the universe in search of a keyboard to sleep on.

Music Man by Opifan64 Music Man rides atop his 9th century record-playing bicycle. This is the definition of classy; that tophat, full, well-groomed beard and crisp pants suit look absolutely dashing. 1987 gentleman or modern day hipster?

Willy the Dog by Jahnstar Design

Willy the dog by Jahnstar Okay, now this dog has so much style and swag it's absurd. It's not often you see a dog in furry hats and glasses, and normally it would seem kind of abnormal, but I'll let it slide with this pup. he works it.

There are always new graphic tees, phone cases and art print designs being uploaded by hundreds of artists to their Collective Stores. The NEW section is the best place to check up on recently released designs. There are anywhere from 5 to 30 new graphic tees, phone case and print designs approved everyday.

Up-And-Coming Minimalist T-Shirt Design

Up-And-Coming Minimalist T-Shirt Design

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