Up-And-Coming Minimalist T-Shirt Design

Up-And-Coming Minimalist T-Shirt Design

There's something about minimalist design that is undeniably appealing. The process is not as easy as creating artwork with little effort, using few shapes and lines. When creating a minimalist design, an artist must keep in mind the following five design principles:

1. Content is Key Before beginning your design, decide what you want accomplish upon completion. No need to jump right into a simple design, expecting it to be awesome. It's important that the final design is an identifiable form.

Bolt Knot by Leech

2. Nothing is Everything Once you've got your idea for content, start big. Start with a detailed form, and then think small! Remove as much information as possible; leave only content that is necessary to communicate the subject matter effectively.

Blast Off by Expo

3. Get Friendly with Negative Space In minimalist design, negative space is your bestest friend. As much attention should be put in the effectiveness of negative space in the design as is put into the content; we can consider the negative space an element of the subject matter. Use it to draw attention to the design's main focus.

The Shirt of Infinite Bacon by Sumrow

Rock On! by Leech

4. Minor Details Matter With such little information in your design, it'€™s imperative that what content is in your design is perfect! Pay extra attention to detail; perfect linework, a well thought out color palette, aesthetically balanced within the design itself and on the canvas, whether it may be a T-shirt, art print or phone case. There's nothing to distract from a mistake when there's so little to look at!

What ranger are you? by Rejagalu

5. Have fun! Give a minimalist design a shot! They're very fun and each is incredibly unique. How much information can you remove from a design while still conveying a very distinguishable form? These Design By Humans artists produced some very successful minimalist designs. Use these for inspiration! You can check out our modern t-shirt designs.

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