Pocket Tees

Pocket Tees

What's In Your Pocket?!

Pocket Tees are trending hard here at Design By Humans and it's easy to see why! These cool pocket tees take a creative approach to character designs and give the illusion of a real pocket. These new designs feature cute pop culture characters and animals that fans love. The key to these designs is size and placement - don't make the pockets too big or too small, and make sure to design where the character's feet go!

pocket panda winardi bamboo cute pocket tshirt tee

Pocket Panda by Winardi

Who wouldn't want to carry this adorable little guy around in their pocket? This panda pocket tee features a tiny little panda eating some bamboo - even his round little feet are showing. Show your love for one of the cutest endangered species on the planet with this panda pocket t shirt.

pocket doge tabners pocket tshirt tee meme internet funny cute

Pocket Doge by tabners

Every doge has his day! Even this super popular internet meme couldn't stay off an awesome pocket tee. This design features a vector version of this Internet sensation, complete with pocket folds and tiny paws.

pocket toothless tabners cartoon pocket t shirt tee design cute character pop culture movie how to train your dragon

Pocket Toothless by tabners

Toothless from "How To Train Your Dragon" makes a cameo in the cool pocket tee. This pocket design features some vectors mixed with hand drawn illustrations for a truly unique look. This artist made sure to include spots for this character's feet that really make him look like he's hanging out!

cat artemple kitten kitty tshirt tee pocket cute adorable

I've Got A Cat In My Pocket by artemple

This creepy cat is watching you! This photo real pocket design takes a more subtle approach with simple shading and a light outline - and only a cat's head poking through the top! Take along one of your favorite pets in this cat pocket tee.

pokepocket pikachu pokemon pocket tshirt tee designbyreg pop culture tv show cards film movie

PokePocket Pikachu by DesignByReg

Pikachu, I choose you! This cool pocket tee has been completely redesigned for all Pokemon lovers, with Pokeball features and one of the most popular characters - Pikachu! One of the best features is the deep shadows in the bottom of the pocket that create his feet. Catch 'em all in this awesome Pokemon pocket t shirt.

Brand New Designs:

DBH Artist JakGibberish recently added this new pop culture pocket tee set featuring characters from Mario. We thought it was so cool, we had to feature it too.

mario video games nintendo star jakgibberish
mario video games gaming nintendo mushroom t shirt tee
jakgibberish flower mario nintendo vector cartoon pop culture video games

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